Paria Canyon Wave

Seventy miles north of the Grand Canyon is the spectacularly beautiful Wave at Paria Canyon . This unique landform looks like a wave of the sea, frozen in stone. Located in a wild and remote region of the Western United States, this strange formation swirls with controversy.

Creation Week Sedimentation

Evidence indicates that more geologic layers may have been formed during Day Three of Creation Week than during the Flood. In one day, our infinitely wise, all-powerful Creator laid down some dirt layers 30 miles thick that are now deep in the geologic record and foundational to the landmasses we live on.

Sedimentation Over Long Distances

When the Flood waters swept over the continents and rapidly deposited sediment layers across vast areas, these sediments had to have been transported long distances. In other words, the sediments in the strata had to come from distant sources. And that’s exactly the evidence we find.

Uniformitarian View Questioned

This is another example of the uniformitarian view—a little water, a long time—giving way to the possibility that geological landscapes were formed by massive amounts of turbulent water over a short period of time and, once again, pointing out that there should be room to question the existing model.

Articles About Sedimentation


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