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Volunteers have started a teaching ministry to take advantage of a nearby geologic wonderland.

Nowhere is evidence of the worldwide Flood more accessible than Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods or nearby Glen Eyrie, owned by the Christian discipleship ministry Navigators. There the forces God unleashed in the Flood have thrust pre-Flood rocks into view, with overlying layer upon layer of judgment lined up for all to see. And volunteers have started a teaching ministry to make the most of this natural teaching tool.

Here you can actually touch the Great Unconformity, where the continent was stripped bare by floodwaters before layers of sediment were laid down, one after the other. The ruler-straight border between the bedrock granite and the first layer of Flood sediments is a compelling testament to the speed of the catastrophe, which did not give time for weathering before sediments were laid down. Every flat layer on top adds to this message of speed and power.

But when Greg Cope began work at the Navigators’ conference center in the breathtaking valley of Glen Eyrie, he was surprised to discover that no one was taking advantage of this geological wonderland to tell the creation history.

People who come on our tours are awestruck at the story of God’s creation woven in the grandeur of these rocks.

“When I came here, right away I thought, ‘Why don’t we do something in this conference center on creation?’ I knew the Garden of the Gods had an evolutionary film, but nobody’s done anything for creation here.”

Melissa Schuerer, administrator of programs at Glen Eyrie, agrees, “Looking at the rock formations in this area, it’s a no-brainer that we do this.”

So with the help of David and Mary Jo Nutting at the Alpha Omega Institute in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Mick McCormack of Glen Eyrie, they put together a 90-minute walking tour that begins with a creation video, and then continues to several sites where visitors learn what the geologic features reveal about the history of Creation and the Flood. About halfway through, the group pauses in a grassy clearing surrounded by massive sandstone pillars for a time of discussion in a small pavilion before visiting more stations on their way back to their starting point. The tour concludes with a question-and-answer session about the Creator and Savior.

Melissa says, “We put the whole tour together, everything, in six weeks. So apparently it was something the Lord wanted done.”

The creation tour is given every Tuesday through Saturday at 10:00 am, May through October, and it fills up regularly. Greg says it’s difficult to keep it down to the advertised 90-minute length because of all the questions visitors ask.

Melissa says, “If you don’t go to a Christian school or homeschool, you don’t get taught creation science. So the people who come on our tours are awestruck at the story of God’s creation woven in the grandeur of these rocks.”

The staff at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center are happy to take advantage of the beautiful opportunity God has given them to proclaim the true history found in His Word.

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