Globe-Trotting Sands

on July 1, 2009
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Geologists have confirmed even more examples of sands that were carried by waters flowing across the entire U.S. continent. Answers magazine reported some earlier findings in “Sand Transported Cross Country” (Oct.–Dec. 2008), and new reports simply pile up the evidence, which favors a global Flood.

A report in the Geological Society of America Bulletin (March–April 2009) shows several sandstone layers in the Colorado Plateau area that must have come from sand grains originally in the Appalachian Mountains, over 1,000 miles (1609 km) away.

Secular geologists claim that a massive river system swept the sand grains across the continent. But where did such a river come from? Creation geologist Andrew Snelling, author of the earlier Answers article, notes that this river is conjecture: “There is no other evidence for such a paleoriver system, apart from the radioisotopes in these sand grains.”

Snelling explains that water currents would have circled the globe during the highest phase of Noah’s Flood, with results like we see today in the sandstone layers of the Colorado Plateau area. “The secular geologists do concede that water had to wash these sand grains right across the continent.”

These studies make a nice addition to the growing amount of evidence for the global Flood of Noah’s day, just a few thousand years ago.

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