Animal Genetics

Genetics and Evolution

Understanding the underlying genetic mechanisms behind human and animal characteristics is crucial. Evolutionists claim that what amounts to genetic accidents can create new information. Creationists point out that the genetic accidents we observe frequently lead to the disappearance of useful function or merely a “rescrambling” of traits.

Fins to Fingers?

While many evolutionists have assumed that fin rays and fingers were homologous, ancestrally related structures, the evidence is notably lacking. Not finding any clues in the fossil record, evolutionary geneticists hope to fill this gap in the path from fins to fingers.

Wolves and Dogs

Scientists have mapped the genomes of several dog breeds and wolves, and now they are comparing them to see which set seems closest to the original wolflike ancestor. Ultimately, all dogs descended from a single set of parents on Noah’s Ark. As these first wolflike animals filled the earth, groups of them migrated in different directions.

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