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Answers Education Online® affordably brings some of AiG’s best resources to your computer through reading assignments, videos, and quizzes—all designed to equip you as a believer in Christ.

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Powerful apologetics training not available anywhere else.

These self-paced, affordable courses feature online videos, reading assignments, and quizzes.

Students will acquire a solid understanding of creation apologetics, equipping them to stand strong in their faith, think biblically, and more effectively share the gospel with others.

Study exciting topics such as:

  • The authority of Scripture
  • Apologetics and how to defend your faith
  • How science confirms the truth of Scripture
  • Biblical worldview on topics such as astronomy, biology, and geology
  • The creation/evolution debate

World Religions and Cults Online Course Series

World Religions and Cults Courses

Get equipped to understand the errors within false religious views and point their followers to the only hope of salvation—Jesus Christ. By covering all the main religions of the world, this online course series is great for individual study by church leaders, homeschoolers (suggested ages 16 and up), and other concerned Christians.

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How do the online courses work?

Each online course is a great opportunity to learn and grow, all while interacting with material from some of the world’s best-known creation speakers and scientists!

  • Register for the online course that works best for you or your student.
  • Begin at any time and complete the course at your own pace.
  • Review course material including reading assignments and videos.
  • Take online quizzes, providing learning assessments.


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