CAP 203: Creation Apologetics and Geology

CAP 203: Creation Apologetics and Geology

Strengthen your walk and deepen your understanding of the integrity and authority of Scripture. No other document in history makes the bold claims the Bible does, and no other document has the integrity of the Bible. This 7-lesson course will teach you how to defend the biblical account of creation and the flood in the area of geology and deepen your commitment to the authority of Scripture.

This course builds on the ideas presented in the Foundations courses (we recommend CAP 101 and CAP 102 be completed before any advanced course). The principles of presuppositional apologetics will be used to dive deeper into each topic in this course. Students will be involved in reading articles, researching issues related to biblical authority, watching videos, and completing quizzes that uphold the Bible as the ultimate source of truth—even in the field of geology.

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ACSI teachers who pass the course can receive 2.33 ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs). (Please allow up to 5 business days to process your registration. You will receive an email with instructions for enrolling in the course.)

CAP 203

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CAP 203 Overview


  • Flood geology vs. uniformitarianism
  • The “geologic column” and geologic time
  • Fossil evidence
  • Radiometric dating techniques
  • Grand Canyon formation
  • Mount St. Helens evidences
  • Plate tectonics
  • Ice Age


  • Online videos featuring expert instructors
  • Reading assignments that will engage and equip you
  • Online quizzes with immediate feedback


Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Relate the origin of the concept of millions of years as a Christian compromise position.
  • State the basic concepts behind radiometric dating methods.
  • Describe major differences between catastrophism and uniformitarianism.
  • Describe the layers of the geologic column and the fossils they contain as a result of the original creation events and the flood.
  • Use specific examples of geologic anomalies to discredit uniformitarianism.
  • Describe how plate tectonics and the flood have played an important role in shaping the earth.


  • A certificate of completion will be awarded to those finishing the course with a final score of 75% or higher. In addition, ACSI teachers who pass the course can receive 2.33 ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for an additional fee at registration.
  • Students should expect to spend 6–8 hours per lesson watching the videos, reading the articles, asking questions in the forums, and taking the quiz. Complete the coursework at your own pace within three months.
  • The advanced courses are open for enrollment but build on information from CAP 101 and CAP 102. Students are expected to have a firm grasp on presuppositional apologetics to be successful in any advanced course.
  • Parents or teachers seeking to use this course for high school credit can consider this the equivalent of one-half semester of social studies credit.

Class Drop and Refund Policy

  • Students who have registered and paid for any course from Answers Education Online and wish to drop the course may receive a refund less a $15 processing fee up to 21 days after the registration is processed.
  • No refunds will be offered for students who drop the course after 21 days from the registration.


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