CAP 110: Critical Thinking Scan

CAP 110: Critical Thinking Scan

In today’s information age, we are bombarded by messages which are presented as facts but which challenge a biblical worldview. Even when we know God’s Word is true, messages that contradict the Bible can still sound persuasive—especially if we hear them repeated constantly in culture, classrooms, and churches. No matter how many answers Christians memorize for responding to such messages, we’re always bound to have new questions because there will always be new information. So what should we do?

That’s what this course is about. Through eight modules featuring video-based lessons, students will develop a toolkit of critical thinking skills they can use to process any new faith-challenging message and arrive at a biblical, logical conclusion themselves. Students will also learn how to apply these tools to answer some of the top arguments against a biblical worldview in real-world classrooms and culture. From spotting propaganda to catching logical fallacies to separating facts from assumptions, these skills are invaluable for any Christian engaging with our contemporary world to shine the light of the hope of the gospel.

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ACSI teachers who pass the course can receive 1.5 ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs). (Please allow up to 5 business days to process your registration. You will receive an email with instructions for enrolling in the course.)

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CAP 110 Overview


  • Introduction to critical thinking
  • Sound arguments versus logical fallacies
  • Evaluating the best explanation
  • Persuasion psychology, propaganda, and “brainwashing”
  • Thinking through “evidence for evolution”
  • Thinking through arguments about genetics and general science
  • Thinking through arguments about worldview, the Bible, and Christianity
  • Recognizing false teaching
  • Practical tips for further learning


  • Online quizzes with immediate feedback
  • Online videos
  • Optional study guides to enhance understanding and promote further learning

Goals and Outcomes

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Explain what biblical critical thinking is and why it matters
  • Apply 7 Checks of Critical Thinking to process any new message
  • Logically evaluate arguments and explanations
  • Recognize and respond to logical fallacies
  • Recognize and respond to propaganda
  • Recognize and resist “brainwashing” messages
  • Apply biblical critical thinking to textbook examples of “evidence for evolution”
  • Apply biblical critical thinking to other seemingly scientific arguments against Scripture
  • Apply biblical critical thinking to common arguments against Christianity
  • Recognize and respond to false teaching
  • Fact-check claims about scientific studies
  • Know how to find further critical thinking and apologetics resources, including biblical mentors
  • Follow up on remaining questions


  • A digital certificate of completion will be awarded to those finishing the course with a final score of 75% or higher.
  • In addition, ACSI teachers who pass the course can receive 1.5 ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs). (Must choose option with CEUs that includes fee for CEU processing.)
  • Students should expect to spend 4 hours per lesson watching the videos and taking the quiz. Complete the coursework at your own pace within six months.
  • Parents or teachers seeking to use this course for high school credit can consider this the equivalent of one-half semester of social studies credit.

Class Drop and Refund Policy

  • Students who have registered and paid for any course from Answers Education Online and wish to drop the course may receive a refund less a $15 processing fee up to 21 days after the registration is processed.
  • No refunds will be offered for students who drop the course after 21 days from the registration.


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