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Dinosaur Movies
Few movies have captured the intrigue of seeing dinosaurs and humans together than Jurassic Park

Dinosaur Movies


Walking with Dinosaurs: An Evolutionist's Story

The animated film, which appears to be intended for children through adults, follows the mishaps and coming-of-age adventures of Patchi, the runt of a Pachyrhinosaurus family. The plotline of Walking with Dinosaurs centers around the narrator’s line that “every fossil tells a story.” The narrator, an Alexornis bird named Alex, uses a single tooth from the predator Gorgosaurus to take viewers back in time to the Late Cretaceous period, supposedly millions of years ago.

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train, a children’s television program aired on the tax-supported PBS-TV network in the USA, is boxcar-loaded with evolutionary content. Nevertheless, it could be profitable to watch the program with your child and use solid apologetics teaching to explain where the program derails.

Dinosaur Programs and Evolution

Television programs, thousands of books, and countless hours of research by thousands of qualified scientists have been devoted to studying dinosaurs. Is there an answer to their “mystery?” Sadly, many of the materials produced on the topic of dinosaurs teach parents and children evolutionary ideas, and lead them away from believing the Bible.

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