“Jurassic” Dinosaurs? No Mystery!
Few movies have captured the intrigue of seeing dinosaurs and humans together than Jurassic Park

“Jurassic” Dinosaurs? No Mystery!

Excerpted from AiG’s new family book Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham

by Ken Ham
Featured in Answers Update

Television programs, thousands of books, and countless hours of research by thousands of qualified scientists have been devoted to studying dinosaurs. When did they live? What did they eat? What happened to them? Is there an answer to their “mystery?”

To the world I’m sure it seems foolish, but to be honest, there is a very simple explanation that makes sense of the facts and fits with real science—once one accepts God’s Word as the true history of the universe.

There is a very simple explanation that makes sense of the facts and fits with real science—once one accepts God’s Word as the true history of the universe.

The infinite Creator of the universe has made sure that all of the most important events of history were recorded in a series of books that together make up one book, the Bible. In a sense, reading the Bible is like traveling in a time machine.

In fact, we could call the Bible “The History Book of the Universe.” It is the only 100% accurate history book in the world! Using the Bible, we can travel into the past and also into the future. This is also the theme of our future museum near Cincinnati.

This “time machine”(the Bible) even enables us to understand dinosaurs: when they lived, what they ate, why we find their bones, what happened to them, and much more! They’re not really a mystery at all.

The Bible’s time machine reveals that dinosaurs were created on the sixth day of Creation, the same day Adam and Eve were created. Adam and Eve, however, were very different from the dinosaurs and other animals—they were made in the image of God.

Dinosaurs, as well as the other animals, originally lived in perfect harmony with Adam and Eve. All were vegetarian. There was no death, disease, and bloodshed in the world. But Adam sinned against God and everything changed: “For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). Because all people are descendants of Adam and Eve, all people are sinners.

As a result, death, disease, bloodshed, and suffering entered the world. Thus, dinosaurs and people began to die.

Because of the wickedness of man, God judged the world with a global Flood. But Noah’s family and representatives of all the land animals, including dinosaurs, were saved on the Ark. Dinosaurs that weren’t on the Ark died—that’s why we find so many dead bones over the Earth. Dinosaur bones, then, are a reminder of God’s judgment of sin.

Animals (including dinosaurs) migrated over the Earth after the Flood. However, due to climate changes and other pressures, many species began to die out. Eventually, the dinosaurs also became extinct, although many lived in rather recent times (giving rise, we believe, to many of the dragon legends).

Because a man (Adam) brought sin and death into the world, so a perfect man (Jesus) was needed to pay for our sin. God’s Son became a man (He was the “God-man”) so that He could die on a cross for our sins. He was raised from the dead, showing that the penalty for sin was paid.

Sadly, many of the materials produced on the topic of dinosaurs teach parents and children evolutionary ideas, and lead them away from believing the Bible. However, using the Bible’s teaching on dinosaurs (not Hollywood movies like the Jurassic Park series), we can better learn the true history of the Earth, and at the same time discover how these “missionary lizards” can also be used to present the Gospel!


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