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Large arenas across America—and now in the United Kingdom—have been hosting the high-tech spectacle Walking with Dinosaurs

Fifteen full-size dinosaurs “stomp” across the stage, fight, and kill each other in a choreographed retelling of “their 200-million-year domination of life on earth.”

The 2.5 million Americans who paid to watch the $20 million show were probably not expecting a 70-minute sermon on dinosaur evolution. But the non-stop evolution content shouldn’t be so surprising, given that Walking with Dinosaurs was spun off the BBC TV program of the same name.

Walking with Dinosaurs is hosted by an actor who plays the role of a paleontologist named “Huxley” (homage to Thomas Huxley, “Darwin’s bulldog” who popularized Darwin’s evolutionary ideas in the late 1800s). The show is so well-crafted that its incorrect claims come across as legitimate.

In a world easily deceived by appearances, this spectacle will surely buttress the BBC’s agenda to indoctrinate young people and adults in evolution and millions of years of earth history. The truth, however, is not found on a manmade stage. It is found in God’s inspired Word.

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