Disney’s Dinosaur Debuts!
Few movies have captured the intrigue of seeing dinosaurs and humans together than Jurassic Park

Disney’s Dinosaur Debuts!


Disney’s newest blockbuster movie Dinosaur appears on theatre screens across the United States starting Friday, May 19.


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Disney’s newest blockbuster movie Dinosaur appears on theatre screens across the United States starting Friday, May 19.

After reviewing a press kit and visiting the Disney website, AiG believes that evolutionary themes will be a major part of Dinosaur. For example, dinosaurs will be placed in an evolutionary timeframe: the story takes place 65 million years ago in evolutionary history—allegedly before humans appeared—when a meteor shower devastates the earth, wiping out most of the dinosaurs.

In addition, there appears to be a suggestion that primates called lemurs—who raise the movie’s central dinosaur character (called Aladar)—may be depicted as the distant ancestor of humans, which are just another group of primates by evolutionists’ definition. (By the way, lemurs still exist today.) Also, the Darwinian idea of “survival of the fittest” is mentioned in Disney’s press kit as being one of the movie’s recurring themes.

For young people, we are not only concerned about the possible evolutionary indoctrination they will receive in watching the film, but also with the intensity of some of the movie’s very violent scenes (even though this is a computer-animated production, it is described by Disney as “photorealistic”). Interestingly, the original idea for the story came from the screenwriter of the 1969 film The Wild Bunch, which remains one of the most ultra-violent movies ever made. While Dinosaur is labeled in America as “PG”—“parental guidance” suggested—and not “G” (for “general”/all audiences), it wasn’t too many years ago that such a movie would have never been considered by a then more family-friendly Walt Disney Pictures.

Coming soon

By Saturday May 20th, AiG will post its movie review of Dinosaur on this website. Feel free to download this soon-to-appear review and have it reprinted for distribution in your Sunday school class, church bulletin, class, etc.


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