Spielberg Releases More Dinosaurs
Few movies have captured the intrigue of seeing dinosaurs and humans together than Jurassic Park

Spielberg Releases More Dinosaurs


Moviemaker Steven Spielberg can’t get enough dinosaurs. This time he’s bringing these huge reptiles to the small screen with the just-started TV series Terra Nova.

The expensive, special-effects-laden show tells the tale of a family in the year 2149 that travels back 85 million years to restart the human race and save it.1

It seems that popular fascination with humans living alongside dinosaurs simply won’t die. In fact, the same theme was basic to the three Jurassic Park films, which Spielberg made or produced between 1993 and 2001.

Secular scientists would like to dismiss this imagery as fantasy. But perhaps one reason that it seems so plausible is that it really happened!

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