Evolutionary Train of Thought
Few movies have captured the intrigue of seeing dinosaurs and humans together than Jurassic Park

Evolutionary Train of Thought

on July 1, 2010
Featured in Answers Magazine
Dinosaur Train

Watching children’s shows like the new Dinosaur Train is an opportunity for parents to help their children identify—and counter—evolutionary content. Photo courtesy of PBS

Dinosaur Train, a children’s television program aired on the tax-supported PBS-TV network in the USA, is boxcar-loaded with evolutionary content. Nevertheless, it could be profitable to watch the program with your child and use solid apologetics teaching to explain where the program derails.

For Christian parents, watching Dinosaur Train critically with their children can be a good teaching exercise, like taking them to science museums to give them a biblical perspective on the exhibits. Such engagement by parents can help children deal with the evolutionary teaching that society bombards them with and that will continue to confront them after they leave home.

Whether they have children or not, Christians may wish to contact PBS and request, as taxpayers, that the show’s producers alter the program’s content—or even suggest that it be dropped outright if the evolutionary dogmatism continues.

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