Hoosier Hopes Dashed



The desire of many Indiana residents to increase academic freedom in science classrooms has been thwarted.

The state’s senate education committee voted in favor of a bill that would permit government-run schools to offer courses that teach “various theories concerning the origin of life” including “creation science,” but the bill was rejected by the full senate.

The bill was rejected even after the reference to creation science was removed and its wording was watered down to require views from several religions.

Though Answers magazine has never advocated forcing public school instructors to teach creation, at a minimum teachers should have the freedom to present significant problems with evolution. Such academic freedom would serve the best interests of all scientific research and teach students to think analytically, rather than accepting popular views uncritically.

Answers Magazine

July – September 2012

It’s impossible to explain how even one creature could evolve by chance, but in fact all life needs a complete community of other organisms to survive. The web of life had to be in place from the very start for any of us to exist. What an amazing testimony to the Creator! Also learn about animals that seem to come back from the dead, robotics, and how archaeology in Jordan confirms the Bible’s history.

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