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The debate over biological origins is growing, not just in America but worldwide. In England, for example, government-run schools will receive a new unit that shows students there are competing ideas.

This unit will be taught in Religious Education (RE) courses. While alternative views of origins would be more appropriate to discuss in science classes,1 it is some consolation knowing that in Darwin’s homeland, creation at least will be mentioned in its schools.

Further, creation appears to be treated fairly in the new unit. At the same time, the RE unit—for the first time in its history—introduces atheism and recommends the writings of notorious anti-creationist and atheist Richard Dawkins.

While any crack in the wall of evolutionary indoctrination is welcome, there is a clear danger that these classes will be led by vehement anti-creationists who could distort the creation position.

Answers Magazine

July – September 2007


  1. 1 The unit is called “How can we answer questions about creation and origins?”


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