Modern-Day Philistines

by Ken Ham
Featured in Answers Update

Creation ministries like AiG are fighting the “Philistines” of our day.

I’ve concluded that creation ministries like AiG are fighting the “Philistines” of our day. How?

In Exodus, we read of “the Ark of God”—the Ark of the Covenant—that God commanded the Israelites to build. This Ark represented the presence of God—where God spoke from above the mercy seat. It was a type of Christ, representing the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in Christ.

As we read through the history of the Israelites, we find time and time again that they forgot God’s Word and compromised with the pagan beliefs of the cultures around them.

Because of these things, God brought judgment on His people.

In 1 Samuel 4, we read the sad event when the Philistines captured the Ark of God. When Eli’s daughter-in-law heard what happened, she said, “The glory is departed from Israel: for the ark of God is taken” (1 Samuel 4:22). The Israelites, of course, needed to get the Ark back.

The Tie to Evolution/Millions of Years

I would like to suggest to you a practical application of that event to our world today.

Most of the church has permitted generations to be taught the world’s religion of secularism/naturalism.

By and large, much of the church has compromised God’s Word in Genesis by allowing millions of years and evolutionary ideas to be embraced by God’s people. Most of the church has permitted generations to be taught the world’s religion of secularism/naturalism. In a sense, we could say that the “Philistines” (the world) have captured the Ark” (the Word of God).

The church—including most conservative, “Bible-believing” assemblies across this nation—has largely abandoned the Bible’s history/science and has just tried to cling to the New Testament’s gospel message and morality. By not accepting the essential history of Genesis, the church has convinced generations that evolutionary ideas and millions of years (not the Bible’s account of history) explain our world: dinosaurs, the Grand Canyon, fossils and so on.

The “Glory” Is Departing

As a result, we have seen America become less Christian every day. As people naively accepted the idea that the Bible’s history is not true, they were also consistent in believing that both the gospel and the morality based in that history are false.

Social ills (abortion, “gay” marriage, etc.) now plague the country. Creation, prayer and the Bible have all but been eliminated from the public schools. Yes, the “glory” is departing from the nation.

The ministry of AiG is one of proclaiming a “battle cry” to the church—a clarion call to God’s people to awake to the truth of God’s revealed Word, and to submit our lives to the lordship of our Creator. We need to take back the “Ark.”

We need to take back the maligned Grand Canyon, the majestic mountain ranges, the massive coal beds, the glaciers, the dinosaurs, fossils, the question of the origin of “races” (people groups), the formation of the sun and stars and so on. We need to return them to their rightful place in history.

Indeed, God’s people must take back the history that has been stolen from them. In doing this, we are, in a sense, taking back the gospel that has been “stolen” from humanity worldwide, as people have been convinced that the Bible is not true.

Join us as we take them all back!


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