Dr. Marc Chetta

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Chetta currently teaches anatomy and physiology to nursing students and a cadaver-based course to premed, predent, and cell biology majors.


  • Medical residency, Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center, Tallahassee, FL, 1978–1981
  • MD, Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA, 1978
  • BS, Zoology (chemistry minor), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1974, cum laude

Honors and Awards

  • Certified in Advanced Stroke Life Support, 2010
  • Certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, 1996–2012
  • Certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support, 1984, 1997
  • Board certified in family medicine, 1981, 1989, 1997
  • Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice, 1986
  • Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 1981–2012
  • Recipient (one of twelve in US), Parke-Davis Teacher Development Award in Medicine, 1981
  • Chief Resident in Family Medicine, Tallahassee Regional Medical Center, Tallahassee, FL, 1981
  • President, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity, Louisiana State University


As a child growing up in a works-oriented church, Dr. Chetta believed that he was "OK" as long as his good deeds outweighed his bad deeds. As a senior at Louisiana State University, he was challenged by Walt, a fellow student, with the simple question, "Marc, if you died tonight, where would you spend eternity?" Though initially regarding it as "the most off the wall question ever," he was haunted by this question for two weeks. Walt invited him to a Campus Crusade for Christ action group (Bible study), to which Dr. Chetta responded, "Sure, what have I got to lose?"

Over the course of nine months, Dr. Chetta and Walt stayed up late into the night discussing the validity of the Bible. Dr. Chetta's biggest objection to the truth of the Bible was evolution vs. creation. Majoring in zoology and minoring in chemistry, preparing for medical school, he was heavily steeped in evolutionary philosophy. Walt gave him several books to read, including Dr. Duane Gish's Evolution: The Fossils Say No and The Genesis Flood by Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb. He was amazed at the good science presented in these books and was angry that he had never been exposed to any alternative views in his fifteen years of education.

After another lengthy discussion with Walt, his friend stood up, closed his Bible, and said, "Marc, you want me to persuade you into the kingdom of God. You have inched up to the line and you want me to pull you across. At some point, Marc, you must step across the line by faith. I'm leaving. You are at the crossroads. The monkey is on your back." With that, Walt walked out the door with Dr. Chetta yelling for him to stop. But this forced a decision for Dr. Chetta, so he knelt down, confessed his sins, placed his faith in Jesus Christ, and asked God to save him.

Amazingly after salvation his spiritual eyes were opened and all those smoke screens and perceived obstacles to faith dissipated in the light of the truth of the Word of God. He made it a point to read everything he could find on scientific creation, and began to speak wherever he was invited on the evidences for a young earth.

Professional Experience

  • Associate professor of biology, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC, 2011–present
  • Independent contractor, Southern Health Partners, Inc., 1998–present
  • Independent contractor, emergency room physician, Habersham County Medical Center, Demorest, GA, 1991–2010
  • Private family, obstetric, and surgical practice, Poplarville, MS, 1981–1991
  • Associate clinical professor of family medicine, Louisiana State University Family Practice Residency program Bogalusa, LA, 1981–1987

Personal Information

Dr. Marc Chetta earned a BS with high honors from Louisiana State University in 1974, with a major in zoology and minor in chemistry. He earned his MD from Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans in 1978, and completed his residency with Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center in Florida in 1981. He was board certified in family medicine and several other specialties, including Advanced Stroke Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

His medical experience includes ten years of family, obstetric, and surgical practice in Poplarville, MS, where he provided broad range "womb to tomb" medical care for the rural community. He subsequently worked for twenty years as an emergency room physician for Habersham County Medical Center in Demorest, GA. He also began and continues to serve as a physician for inmates at multiple county jails in northeast Georgia.

Dr. Chetta now serves as associate professor of biology at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. His regular course load includes Anatomy and Physiology for nursing majors, and a cadaver-based Physiology and Anatomy course for premed and cell biology majors. He launched the latter course in 2011 with the acquisition of a cadaver and the iWorx physiology computer lab.

Dr. Chetta enjoys woodworking, politics, teaching, creation science, and sports. He has been married to wife Helen since 1976, who herself has a master's degree in music therapy. They have seven wonderful children and twelve grandchildren.


  • Standard treatment protocols for numerous medical disorders (used in 500 detention centers)
  • Presentations

    • Management of Respiratory Emergencies
    • Respiratory Modalities
    • Suturing
    • Neonatal Resuscitation
    • Newborn Scenarios and Obstetric Emergencies
    • Cardiogenic Shock
    • Acute Coronary Syndromes
    • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
    • HIV, AIDS, and STDs
    • Summer Emergencies
    • First Aid for College Students
    • Lethal Arrhythmias
    • Pharmacology of Drugs Used in Cardiac Arrest
    • Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation
    • Managing Myocardial Infarctions
    • How to Prepare and Perform a Pediatric Spinal Tap
    • Things that Sting and Bite and Other Creatures of the Night
    • Ventricular Fibrillation and Defibrillation

    Extraprofessional Experience

    • Premed Association faculty advisor, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC, 2012–present
    • Member, Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, 2012–present
    • Member, Creation Research Society, 2012–present
    • Deacon, Camp Creek Baptist Church, Cornelia, GA, 1998–2011
    • Member, Medical missions trips, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, 1995–present
    • Music director, Camp Creek Baptist Church, Cornelia, GA, 1992–2011
    • Member, Gideons International, 1983–present
    • Adult Sunday School teacher


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