• PhD, Mathematics, University of North Texas, 1992
  • MS, Mathematics, Pittsburg State University, 1987
  • BS, Mathematics and Computer Science, Pittsburg State University, 1986

Personal Information

Dr Bryan Dawson is an associate professor of mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Union University. Besides publishing research articles on esoteric topics like Banach spaces, he has written more interesting articles that have received attention from writers for Science News (online) and New Scientist and has been mentioned in a couple of undergraduate college textbooks. A former editor of The Pentagon, the official journal of the Kappa Mu Epsilon national mathematics honor society, Dr Dawson currently serves that organization as Southeastern Regional Director.

Born ‘to be a square’ on 16/9/64 in Plainview, TX, Dr Dawson was primarily raised in Kansas. He was saved during a vacation Bible school at the age of seven or eight. He met a wonderful girl named Martha at a Baptist Student Union meeting in college, and the second best day of his life was when they married. Martha homeschools their three children, Matthew, Patricia, and Tiffany. They are all ‘fans of Answers in Genesis and the wonderful materials AiG produces!’


Dr Dawson has published in the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, the College Mathematics Journal, The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics and other journals. Complete list of publications.


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