Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve Were Real People Created by God

If you deny that the first man was created before the first woman, and if you deny that the first woman came from the man (not from an existing animal or human-like creature), you undermine the biblical doctrine of marriage and ultimately the authority of the Old and New Testaments.

Why Are We Punished for Adam’s Sin?

Through Adam, death came into the world. Jesus came and demonstrated He has power over death. Thus, those who are in Christ, will be saved and death will have no sting.

Eve’s Hope

The first woman carried a lot on her shoulders—by encouraging her husband to rebel against God, she helped bring suffering and ruin upon her children and all their descendants. Yet she found hope in the same promised Seed that we all look to.

Why Didn’t Adam and Eve Immediately Die?

Some have claimed that the Bible doesn’t necessarily mean what it says in Genesis 2:17, since Adam and Eve didn’t die the moment they ate. Adam and Eve died —as will all the rest of us for our sins, which is all the more reason to receive Christ and be saved from death.

Time Enough for Adam to Name all the Animals?

It is likely that Adam had to name only a couple of thousand proto-species—a task which could easily have been achieved in a few hours. Assuming Adam had to name 2,500 proto-species (genera), it would have taken him approximately three hours and 45 minutes to complete the task.

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