Formation of Stars

Although astronomers who accept the billions-of-years view of the universe’s age believe stars are still forming, they do not actually know how. They believe swirling hydrogen gas cools and condenses until it is dense enough to possess enough gravity to prevent re-expansion. The truth is astronomers have never actually observed the birth of a single star.

Are Stars Still Forming Today?

Even though God ceased creating on Day Six, we occasionally see islands, mountains, rivers, and canyons form today. Could stars occasionally form in a similar manner today? God could have made gas clouds already in the process of collapse to form stars, or God could have ordained processes whereby stars occasionally form.

Telling Time by the Stars

In past generations, telling time by the stars was an essential part of life. It is really pretty easy to do. You can even roughly estimate the time by eye, as long as you don’t need high precision.

The Blue Star

Some stars burn so brightly that they should soon run out of fuel, while others are relatively cold and would seem to last forever. One type of star in particular—the blue star—is a big problem if you assume the universe came into being 13.7 billion years ago.

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