Lunar Origin Theories

Fifty years ago three theories competed to explain the moon’s origin. Settling this dispute was a major reason for the Apollo program. Lunar rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts appeared to rule out all three theories. In the post-Apollo world, scientists developed the giant impact hypothesis as a sort of hybrid of the three older models.

Meteors Hit the Moon

Sometime in its past, the earth’s moon was pounded with thousands upon thousands of meteors. Perhaps an asteoroid bombardment helped initiate the Flood, and the stream of destructive meteroids pelted the moon at the same time, as they flew through the solar system.

The Moon—A Perfect Partner

The greatest problem that Newton tackled was the reason the moon orbited the earth each month. In solving that problem, Newton developed his theory of gravity. If the earth didn’t have the moon, Newton might never have reached his amazing insight into the fundamental laws of God’s creation.

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