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Betelgeuse, Mini-Moons, Dark Energy, and the Big Bang

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What do the star Betelgeuse, “mini-moons,” dark energy, and the big bang all have in common? They’re all topics of discussion of astronomical importance on the latest issue of Answers News, our weekly live news program. Normally, three co-hosts discuss the latest in science and culture news from a biblical perspective. But this week’s episode was a bit different.

One of our regular hosts, Bodie Hodge, was joined by AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner to discuss what’s going on in astronomical research and point you back to biblical truth as it relates to the heavens, stars, moons, and even cosmology. During this challenging time in the world, when so much is shut down due to the coronavirus situation, we are producing special programming to help our supporters learn new things—and wisely use the down time many people now have available.

This episode aired on my public Facebook page earlier today, at 2 p.m. ET, but you can watch it below. I think you’ll find the topics intriguing as you enjoy hearing from our special guest, Dr. Faulkner.

Falling Flat

Dr. Danny Faulkner’s newest book Falling Flat.

If you love astronomy, or this episode piqued your interest, you can find a variety of astronomy resources on our website, including several by Dr. Faulkner. His newest book is Falling Flat, a refutation of the flat earth movement and its teaching. Two of his other books include The Created Cosmos, which reveals what the Bible teaches about astronomy, and The Expanse of Heaven, where Dr. Faulkner applies biblical creation to astronomy. You can even order a combo pack of these two books at a special discounted price.

You can order these resources, or many others, from our website, and when you use the code MATTHEW6 at checkout, you will automatically save 20% off your order (and you’ll also be helping increase our revenue during this difficult financial time for the ministry).

Find these resources, and many others, at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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