Age of the Universe

Evidence for Young Universe

Here are fourteen natural phenomena which conflict with the evolutionary idea that the universe is billions of years old. The maximum possible ages given are always much less than the required evolutionary ages, while the biblical age (6,000 years) always fits comfortably within the maximum possible ages.

Dark Matter

The discovery of dark matter particles (of any kind) might tell us something about the present nature of the universe, but it would not prove the big bang actually happened. From the Bible we can already know the big bang idea is wrong: the Word of God in Genesis 1 says the earth was created before the stars.

Old Universe?

Does the universe really look old, or have we simply been indoctrinated to believe it looks old? Would the Creator God really deceive us into thinking that the universe looks old when, according to the Bible’s account, He created it only about 6,000 years ago? What would a “young universe” look like?

Articles About Age of the Universe


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