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by Ken Ham on September 23, 2013
Featured in Letter from Ken

At a recent speaking engagement, a man asked me something like this:

I don’t have all the knowledge you have, Ken, to be able to answer skeptical questions. So what should I do if I witness to people and they bring up objections and questions? How can I respond to them when I don’t know all these answers?

I admitted to him that I have been in creation ministry for 35 years, and so I have had the time to accumulate a lot of information to be able to answer people. I acknowledged that his question was a legitimate one. What about Christians who haven’t been immersed in the AiG ministry, like our speakers, writers, and researchers? What should they do when challenged?

“Where Do I Find the Answers?”

Well, I remember when I was going to college in Australia and was taught evolution and millions of years as fact. Now, I knew this wasn’t what the Bible taught, and I really wanted answers so I could defend the Christian faith. I also wanted to be a witness to my fellow students—and even the professors.

It was at that time (the 1970s) when I came across a fascinating booklet, originally published in England. It provided answers to questions about the fossils and Noah’s Flood—and the supposed millions of years of earth history. I then came across the now-famous book by Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb, The Genesis Flood. Wow, it was packed full of answers! I then began to search around the world for other books that had scientific and biblical answers to the origins issues. I found a few.

When I became a science teacher, I began using the information from these books and started teaching creation to my students—and also to people in churches. People kept asking me how they could buy these same books.

The Lord gave me an intense burden to get this Bible-defending information into people’s hands. So my wife Mally and I (and another teacher) began a creation apologetics bookshop in our Australian home. We soon discovered that more and more Christians had a hunger for this vital information.

So Many Apologetics Resources Now Available

Today, as I stroll through the large Dragon Hall bookstore inside our Creation Museum and see all the books, DVDs, and curricula sitting on shelf after shelf, my heart rejoices. I think back to the time when I had just one little booklet. But today, there are so many apologetics resources available.

The massive number of resources AiG provides today reflects the burden the Lord gave to me a few decades ago to get this critical faith-affirming and gospel-proclaiming information out to people. At the same time, I soon realized that the world wants to censor and restrict these Bible-upholding resources.

That’s why AiG today is a content-rich, information-disseminating ministry focused on proclaiming the truth and authority of God’s Word—and the life-changing gospel message.

One of those “fires” the Lord has put in my bones was to research and produce resources with as much content as possible and then to disseminate them far and wide. I have such a burden to provide these life-changing and equipping resources at our speaking engagements, through our newsletter, website, at the Creation Museum, and so on.

And that brings me back to the question I was asked at the conference: “How can I possibly get the knowledge needed to answer the skeptical questions of the age?” I shared three things with the man:

  1. Most skeptics really don’t know how to defend what they believe. These secularists just regurgitate what they were taught at school, read in a book, or saw on some TV program. Now, these people can come across as bold when they speak. But as soon as you ask them specific questions, and insist on the “evidence,” or ask them to explain why they believe what they do, almost none of them can actually do it!
  2. If Christians take the time to read our basic books such as The Lie, The New Answers Books, and other apologetics books such as How Do We Know the Bible Is True? (volumes 1 and 2) and Demolishing Contradictions (volumes 1 and 2), they will be thoroughly equipped with the answers to many of the questions people ask today.
  3. Even if you can’t remember the detailed answers, if you have read the books above, you will at least know there are answers—and you can probably give a big-picture type of answer, and point skeptics to the books and to AiG’s information-packed website. AnswersInGenesis.org has several thousand articles (and a great search engine) to help people get the answers to the skeptical questions of our day.

Boldly Proclaim the Answers

Our good friend Ray Comfort (of the Living Waters ministry) has just produced a powerful 36-minute video, Evolution vs. God. I urge you to watch this video. I believe it will help you be prepared to become bolder in your witnessing, and with a bit of reading (e.g., the books I mentioned plus our website), you will gain more confidence. You will become more effective in reaching people with the saving gospel.

Challenge Bible-doubters to present their evidence and then ask them to logically defend their position.

In this eye-opening video, Ray asks a number of students and professors in California who said they believed in evolution (most said they were atheists) to give him the best evidence for evolution. They either couldn’t do it, or they just repeated the same old arguments about bacteria or finches changing. These are the same tired arguments we’ve heard for years.

I remember when I was on BBC television a number of years ago while in the United Kingdom. I was on a panel with a leading evolutionary geneticist, Dr. Steve Jones. I told him in front of a TV audience of probably millions of viewers that I wanted him to give the best evidence he could to convince people of evolution—something that would be very obvious.

Dr. Jones gave the example of a certain type of salmon producing different species of salmon. I remember saying something like, “But they are still salmon.”

Friend, from my 35 years of experience in this ministry, I believe one of the biggest problems in the church is that many Christians are easily intimidated by non-Christians, especially by confident-sounding professors. Many of these skeptics come across as if they have all this scientific evidence that has proved evolution and an earth that is millions of years old.

But when you are equipped with solid information, you can challenge Bible-doubters to present their evidence and then ask them to logically defend their position. You know, they almost always flounder. That inability opens the door for you to answer questions and point them to the Word of God—and the gospel.

Our research department and other staff writers are working hard to provide these apologetics resources for you and your children—for all age levels and backgrounds. Yes, the information to combat those who come against God’s Word is readily available today compared to the 1970s when I first studied apologetics.

Thank you for supporting AiG prayerfully and financially as we continue to provide answers-filled content and disseminate it. What a difference this teaching has made (and will continue to make) in the lives of millions of souls around the world!


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