Decontaminating Our Children

by Ken Ham on December 1, 2004
Featured in Answers Update

Whether it’s in America, a Third World country or wherever children receive some formal education, I would be prepared to say that young people have heard plenty about evolution. Quite often, it comes in the form of “dinosaurs and millions of years.”

AiG’s burden to reach children around the world with the truth of God’s Word (especially the gospel message) prompted us to produce a very special new two-disc DVD set featuring Buddy Davis and me. It’s entitled Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel.

But this is no ordinary production—it’s not just one to “watch,” but one to “experience.”

Each time Buddy and I have conducted one of our many special school assembly programs for grades K–6, our hearts have been burdened as we watch the response to the following questions that I ask the young people (many times numbering into the thousands):

“Put your hands up if you’ve heard of the word evolution.” Almost every hand goes up.

“Put up your hands if you’ve heard that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.” Almost every hand goes up.

“And put your hands up if you’ve heard people evolved from apelike creatures.” Almost every hand goes up.

For Christians who say that “evolution” or “millions of years” are just side issues, they need to be present at these children’s programs so that they can see the thousands of hands go up. The response of these precious children demonstrates the incredibly effective job the “world” has done in brainwashing generations of young people with false, faith-shattering ideas that have caused so many to reject the Bible (and the gospel message!) as true.

No wonder statistics in the USA reveal that for young people who go to church, somewhere between 70–90% abandon the church after they graduate from high school.

AiG is dedicated to “decontaminating” these students and teaching them from a young age to know they can wholeheartedly believe God’s Word beginning in Genesis—and we’re committed to equipping them to defend it.

We’ve been told by so many thankful parents that their children will never forget the key question we teach them to ask—“Were you there?” (based on Job 38:4)—when they hear someone teach “millions of years.”

On stage, when Buddy takes out a realistic-looking dinosaur or plastic lizard, the children never forget the words of Job 41 concerning a fire-breathing dragon that lived at the time of Job.

As Buddy sings his toe-tapping song “Billions of Dead Things” and other catchy tunes, the children join in and learn scientific and biblical concepts they will always remember. (And there have been many parents in attendance who have admitted that they learned a tremendous amount of faith-building information by being at these children’s programs.)

As a special teaching tool in our new DVD, Buddy’s dog Casey will often bark, which is our way of alerting the children that an important piece of information is coming up that needs to be remembered.

With special effects added by our talented video team, we believe this new release from AiG will go a long way in “decontaminating” our evolutionary-brainwashed young people. We want them to know that they can trust the Bible … and thus trust the saving power of the gospel that is the central message of God’s Holy Word.

It’s an experience you and your children (or grandchildren) will never forget (suggested ages 4–10, although teens and adults will probably enjoy the DVD, too).


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