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Rebuilding the Foundation

by Ken Ham on January 1, 2005
Featured in Answers Update

It's 2005, and we began our new year with an exciting theme of "Rebuilding the Foundation."

It's 2005, and we began our new year with an exciting theme of "Rebuilding the Foundation."

I wanted to let you know how AiG is planning to engage the church and culture through many and varied outreaches this year:

  1. Our planetarium (part of the Creation Museum complex) should be up and running by mid year with biblical, creationist "star programs" written and produced by our own staff astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle.
  2. The Lord has brought us additional speakers, so we will be conducting more teaching programs and other ministry than ever before.
  3. We will be running special biblical and scientific apologetics teaching programs (for different age levels) at our classrooms and theater in our museum complex.
  4. Our talented writers, artists and video team are producing many new products for all ages, so the authority of God's Word can be proclaimed in even more powerful ways.
  5. We are "ramping up" our radio and curriculum departments-indeed, AiG is on the move!
  6. And of course, the museum team is working "full steam ahead" to finish all the exhibits for our faith-target opening date for the entire museum in the Spring of 2007.

And as we get into this year of outreach possibilities, all of us need to be reminded why we are doing all this ministry. Let me illustrate it using two thrilling examples.

A precious couple from California who donated months of their time to work in various projects at AiG during 2004 spoke to the AiG staff before they left to return to California for the winter. Bob and Jan Thompson told us:

God blessed us with five children and fifteen grandkids. We just bought all of their Christmas presents here at AiG ....

We had the privilege of working in a Christian school for 12 years. I head-mastered there, and I can tell you nothing robbed those children of their identity more than the lie [of evolution]. They were destroyed. We used to have parents come out and say literally, "Can you help me put my kid back together?" because they believed the lie.

When I heard the creation message [by an AiG speaker] in Santa Rosa, California, I said to Jan: "This is the first time I've heard the answer-and it was so clearly articulated. And the materials are written so that kids can understand it."

What a reminder that even Christian schools (and often churches, too, sad to say) need to hear this message.

Wires and Circuits

Second, I recently was encouraged when, after our AiG conference in Pittsburgh, a man sent the following testimony to one of our speakers, Dr. David Menton:

I just wanted to extend my gratitude for AiG's program this immediate past weekend, and in particular for your two presentations. They were just what my son and I needed. In fact, Saturday night in our hotel room, my son gave his life to Christ!

Praise be to the Lord and the AiG "sowers" for plowing the soil and throwin' the seeds.

My son is a freshman at college majoring in physics, and I was a little worried that the strong secular component of the university setting might just tip the scales the wrong way. Little did I know he was seeking the Lord, and in AiG's meeting, he found what he needed.

Ken's material laid the ground work (the "wire") and your [Dr. Menton's] Hearing Ear and Seeing Eye talk completed the "circuit." His logical, scientific mind, like mine, needed to sift through the biased, worldly interpretations of data, and find the Christian view.

My son said, "Dad I never heard the ear and eye described that way before, nor did I know that they were so phenomenally made."

I would appreciate your prayers as Chris and I try to prepare the soil for my wife and college daughter, through prayer and careful "discussion."

Yes, what a reminder of how this ministry impacts even non-Christians.

Please pray

  • that God would raise up 1,000 AiG friends who will agree to pray daily throughout the year for the AiG ministry and for its 2005 theme of "Rebuilding the Foundation."

  • that AiG's planetarium will open this year, in advance of the opening of the entire Creation Museum.

One of the major outreaches of 2005 is our MEGA conference being held in July at Liberty University in Virginia. To impact church and culture, AiG took a big step to invite 25 of the world's leading creationist leaders and speakers to give their "premier" presentations. What an opportunity to be equipped and challenged!

As well as the in-depth track, we have also added a basic track. Teens (and even well-read younger students) and adults shouldn't miss this perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Be informed … be equipped … and be ready to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15) in this skeptical age, so that we can "rebuild the foundation" (our theme this year) of the authority of the Word, which has been so attacked in the church and culture as a whole.

For more on the MEGA conference, please visit our events section and plan to attend.


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