An Agony to Read

on July 1, 2010
Featured in Answers Magazine

The UK’s Guardian newspaper has a new online column called “Evolutionary Agony Aunt,” offering counsel from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. While the initial columns have been silly, the danger remains that some readers will embrace the immoral advice as solid truth based on “science,” even though it is completely contrary to Scripture (and true science).

For example, one column counsels a woman wanting to conceive a child to consider having more than one sexual partner. Why? Evolutionary Agony Aunt writes, “Some Darwinists might say your optimal strategy would be to pair-bond with the older male but surreptitiously allow the younger, sexy male to fertilise you.”

This marriage of evolutionary ideas and immoral teachings highlights the dangers of flirting with error. Biblical Christianity and Darwinian evolution are incompatible both scientifically and morally.


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