Were Humans a Million Years Ago Britons?

on July 10, 2010
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What were humans like a million years ago—fur-wearing, meat-eating, tool-making Britons?

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Scientists working in Norfolk have turned up evidence that humans inhabited Britain around one million years ago, significantly earlier than was previously believed. The evidence comes not in the form of human fossils, but rather stone tools that were discovered at a dig site.

Most of the details of just who these “first” Britons were are only indirectly related to the tools discovered, however. For example, the scientists who discuss the find in the journal Nature suggest the tools belonged to Homo antecessor (“Pioneer man”) and, based on estimates of the temperature at the time, propose that the humans may have worn fur and built fires to keep warm.

Despite some mostly minor skeletal differences, such as a flatter face, creationists speculate that Pioneer man was fully human. Even evolutionists agree that Pioneer man walked upright, and the evidence shows H. antecessor to have been a tool-maker and shelter-builder that perhaps wore clothes. Based on this, we conclude that so-called Pioneer man was an ordinary human descended from Adam and Eve, not fundamentally different from humans living today.

What’s important to remember, though, is that the association of the tools discovered with H. antecessor is based entirely on evolutionary dating methods—as is conjecture about those humans’ lifestyle. Based on deduction from Genesis, we can conclude, first, that the tool-makers were highly intelligent beings created in God’s image; second, that they almost certainly wore clothes (since humans first wore clothes in the Garden of Eden); and third, that the tools and their makers lived far more recently than one million years.

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