What Does It Mean to be Saved?

The Bible is clear in several passages how to receive salvation. It doesn’t mean you are perfect after you are saved, but it does mean that you are perfectly forgiven and saved from the penalty of sin by God’s grace.

Salvation Before the Cross

Whether we look backward or forward in time, God has always saved in the same manner: by His grace through a person’s faith in the “seed of the woman,” Jesus the promised Messiah, coming in His appointed time to crush the head of Satan and bring redemption to a fallen humanity.

Do You Doubt Your Salvation?

If you examine your fruit and recognize that you are growing in holiness but fail to see that you are not as holy as you should be, you will forget the grace of the gospel. However, if you only recognize that you are not as holy as you should be but you fail to recognize that God is growing you in holiness, you then will always doubt your salvation.

Salvation Part of the Perfect Plan

Jesus went to the Cross exactly as God had intended before the world began. The plan of redemption was not a necessary afterthought to remedy a plan gone wrong. Jesus Christ had purposed to redeem us from eternity past.

News About Salvation

  • June 11, 2018 from Ken Ham Blog

    The Christian Post ran a piece on the question, “Is Jesus the only way?” That is, do only those who repent and believe receive eternal life?

Articles About Salvation


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