Rejoicing in Heaven!

A Boy’s Own Story

on January 21, 2002

Answers in Genesis recently received a colored picture (below) and a touching letter (right) from a young boy who trusted Christ while reading A is for Adam.


Surely there’s “joy in the presence of the angels” over this little one, who’s turned to God (Luke 15:10)!

Getting out the Gospel is the heartbeat of Answers in Genesis, and books like A is for Adam draw on children’s natural fascination with dinosaurs and Adam to help them understand God’s plan for the ages—the Creation, the Curse, the Cross, and God’s final Consummation.

While his mother was reading A is for Adam, Jeremy Cawley of North Carolina, USA, was struck by the words and illustration for the letter “Q”:

Q is for Quiet, Adam and Eve must have been,
When God spoke the words, of Genesis three verse fifteen.
God’s Son came to die and be raised from the dead,
So to Hell we’d not go, but to Heaven instead.

Jeremy was also challenged by the illustration (below), as the dodo bird pointed to a picture of Hell and warned: “Boys and girls, make sure you don’t go there!”

Coloring Book

How exciting that Jeremy’s mother was able to use A is for Adam to help lead him to the Lord!

Parents of five, Ken Ham and his wife Mally teamed up to create this charming children’s book, which presents the Gospel in rhyme. ABC rhymes with full-color illustrations make this book fun to read. A separate, reproducible coloring book in the back provides hours of enjoyment and reinforces the written message. In the back you’ll also find creative ways to teach Genesis and the Gospel to your children. Great for home schools, Sunday schools or even family devotions. It also makes a great birthday gift. And you never know, this might be the tool that God uses to turn another child to Heaven!

Answers in Genesis has examined hundreds of children’s books and now offers “the best of the best” that direct children’s thoughts to the Creator and Savior!


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