From Delusion to the Gospel

UK Media Update

Paul Taylor, AiG–UK, had a rather unexpected guest at one of his recent talks in which he reviewed Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion.

I was contacted by a TV company called IWC Media recently. They had noticed that I was giving a talk in a church in London with the title “Deconstructing Dawkins.” The company is producing a documentary series for the UK’s Channel 4 network, called The Origin of Species, to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin. The program is to be presented by Professor Richard Dawkins. IWC Media also produced Dawkins’s previous diatribe against Christianity, called The Root of All Evil?, which I reviewed on this website.

The TV company asked if they could film my talk. After a few negotiations, the church and AiG–UK agreed, provided that we see the final edit, and have the right to reject material that is unfair to us. When the producer arrived, he told me that Professor Dawkins was outside and asked if he could come in. We agreed, since the meeting was an open meeting. So, the talk was quite surreal, in that I was critically analyzing the book The God Delusion with the author actually present. I didn’t hold back from the criticism, though I may have slightly softened my normal delivery. During the last ten minutes, I presented the gospel.

After the talk, I thanked Professor Dawkins for attending, and we shook hands. He remarked that he felt I had been fair in my presentation.

Channel 4 has broadcast documentaries touching on evangelical Christianity before—the previous program by Dawkins being just one example. Their track record for being fair to evangelicals is not good. We shall have to wait and see what spin IWC Media and Channel 4 put on the event. However, the fact that they had heard about the event—and checked this website—underlines the importance of the work of AiG on both sides of the Atlantic.

No matter the evidence and counter-arguments I present, the ultimate message has very little to do with “evidence” and everything to do with God’s promises. Perhaps Professor Dawkins has heard the gospel before. At least I now know for certain that he has heard the gospel—the life-saving message of Christ—because he has heard it from my lips.

How should we pray about these things? Professor Dawkins and AiG disagree on much. Please pray that the message Professor Dawkins received will plant seeds in his life and that he will receive the grace God offers, and that the program will present the gospel and portray us fairly. You can always keep up-to-date with prayer requests for AiG at our prayer site.


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