Creation Evangelism on a Gravestone!

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You can spread the creation message easily … Just show our Web address on your car, house, billboards, media ads, pamphlets, e-mails and on gravestones!

You may not be aware that on the inside cover of our Creation magazine, we challenge readers this way:

“You can spread the creation message easily … Just show our Web address on your car, house, billboards, media ads, pamphlets, e-mails.”

Well, now we might just have to add: “… and on gravestones!” Would you believe that a gravestone in Wisconsin will advertise AiG’s Web site?

Monica Cook of Wisconsin wanted so much to see her dear husband’s recent death be a means of reaching people with the Gospel. She wrote to us:

“Since I couldn’t put the entire Gospel message on his gravestone, I needed a round-about way.

“I decided on something that was easily accessible (every library has the Internet), relevant to how people got information today (some people haven’t opened a book in years), relevant towards popular culture (our science-oriented one) and was interesting enough so people would stay on the Web site.”

And, most importantly, she wrote, one which “pointed towards Jesus as Creator and Savior, and the Bible as wholly trustworthy.” She said, “You guys [AiG] started this whole thing anyway; it was your suggestion to put your Web site address on things people would see!”


Prospective gravestone design

In the northwest corner of the cemetery in Randolph, Wisconsin, there will be a gravestone which will tell people that a man called Fred was born twice (his physical and spiritual birthdays are to the left), and died once (the third date on the gravestone). Underneath this everyone will see AiG’s Web address.

Many years ago, Monica heard me on our radio program, and began to request AiG literature and tapes. She says, “It dawned on me back then that I didn’t have to believe in evolution, that creation fit the available evidence better! We went to seminars and homeschool conferences featuring creationist speakers.”

During this time, AiG’s Web site was launched, which she called “marvelous” because it shows that “the Bible is completely trustworthy from the very beginning and that therefore Jesus is who He said He was: Creator and Savior.”

She added: “Your video presentations are interesting enough for my 10-year-old to watch all the way through. Our children will not be among the 75% who go to college and ‘lose their faith’ because they cannot defend it.”

In short, she says, “We immersed our family in creation, and Answers in Genesis had a large role in that.”

And eventually, came to be on a gravestone in Wisconsin!

As I often do, I ask you to please pray that God will continue to bless the proclamation of the Gospel through creation evangelism, including through this Web site.


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