Creation in VBS Programs

on ; last featured May 8, 2006

Because Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs often attract neighborhood children who don’t regularly attend church, they are unique avenues to reach families with the gospel. Much planning and creativity go into VBS programs that teach moral principles, but how many actually teach biblical truths from the book of Genesis?

Some folks, like Randy and Barb Witt of Columbus, Ohio, have created their own highly successful VBS programs that not only entertain but also teach young people that the Bible is real history, starting with Genesis. Using material by Answers in Genesis, the Witts and others teach biblical truths about Noah’s Flood and how it explains the fossils found all over the earth.

Subsequent to the publication of the above news item in Answers magazine, Randy and Barb Witt were contracted by Answers in Genesis to help create AiG’s Amazon Expedition creation-centered VBS. The unique project was successfully tested (read the story and view photos on Ken Ham’s blog) and is now available for use in churches of any size. See below for links to the two “Starter Kits” with complete descriptions, and visit to view sample video, hear song samples, read FAQs, and more. The Amazon Expedition vacation Bible school program is based on AiG’s popular “Seven C’s of History” theme, which is also the basis for the chronological walk-through-the-Bible at the Creation Museum.

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July – September 2006


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