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July – September 2006


  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    Two Fighting Dinosaurs?
    Jan. 3, 2007, pp. 14–17

    Two fighting dinosaurs found fossilized in the Gobi Desert.

  • Magazine Article
    On the Shoulders of a Giant
    Oct. 10, 2006, pp. 7–8

    The passing of a great defender of the Christian faith, Dr. Henry Morris, has closed a long chapter in the history of the fight over biblical authority and accuracy.

  • Magazine Article
    Glee Club
    March 12, 2007, pp. 8–9

    A chorus of secular media outlets were gloating a few weeks ago in the discovery of a supposed “missing link” between fish and land-dwelling creatures.

  • Magazine Article
    Rodent Resurrected?
    Dec. 11, 2006, pp. 8–9

    When an animal or plant has gone “extinct”, and then is found living today, unchanged from what is found in the fossil record, this shocking discovery is called a “living fossil”

  • Magazine Article
    Pandemic Panic?
    Nov. 13, 2006, pp. 8–9

    Governments and industries are attempting to educate the public with a basic understanding of the bird flu virus and precautionary measures to take against it.

  • Magazine Article
    Conventional Thinking
    Oct. 23, 2006, pp. 8–9

    the American Association for the Advancement of Science featured several sessions on the teaching of origins in America's public schools.

  • Magazine Article
    Nov. 27, 2006, pp. 9–10

    As the press extensively reported last spring, evidence for inflation in the universe has been found, supposedly providing a firmer foundation for the big bang theory

  • Magazine Article
    Read the Fine Print
    Nov. 20, 2006, pp. 9–10

    While headlines often trumpet “Scientists find skull of human ancestor", you need to read on.

  • Magazine Article
    Stooping Low for Evolution
    Dec. 18, 2006, pp. 10–11

    It was all over the world's media, including a BBC-TV documentary-family members in Turkey who walk hunched over, using their hands as well as their feet.

  • Magazine Article
    Da Truth?
    Dec. 5, 2006, pp. 10–11

    The Bible comes under attack in a new movie, The Da Vinci Code, starring Hollywood mega-star Tom Hanks.

  • Magazine Article
    Sliding Down the Polls
    Oct. 17, 2006, pp. 10–11

    Gallup polls dating back to 1982 have consistently shown that at least 44% of Americans agree to the statement: “God created humans pretty much in their present form either exactly as the Bible descri

  • Magazine Article
    Hollywood Goes to War
    Dec. 26, 2006, pp. 11–12

    The #1 movie in early April of this year was the animated Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, which features some pro-evolution comments.

  • Magazine Article
    Signs of the Times
    May 2, 2006, pp. 11–12

    A literal “sign of the times” is this billboard on I-35 just outside downtown Kansas City, Kansas, USA.

  • May 2, 2006, pp. 12–13

    What is a worldview? A worldview comprises one's collection of presuppositions, convictions and values from which a person tries to understand and make sense out of the world and life.

  • Magazine Article
    The Intelligent Design Movement
    Nov. 21, 2006, pp. 18–21

    The Intelligent Design (ID) movement has gained increasing recognition and publicity over the last several years at both local and national levels.

  • Oct. 25, 2006, pp. 22–24

    One essential component of evolution is an extremely long timescale for earth history.

  • Magazine Article
    The World: Born in 4004 BC?
    Oct. 23, 2007, pp. 25–27

    The age of the earth is one of the most contentious issues in the creation/evolution debate. In today’s culture, the thought of creation occurring about 6,000 years ago is frequently mocked by non-Christians—and also by many Christians.

  • Magazine Article
    Genesis and Justice
    May 23, 2006, pp. 28–29

    Genesis should be foundational to every human society. If those truths are ignored, distorted or rejected, consequences will occur—they will be litigated and, if successful, imposed upon society.

  • Magazine Article
    A Foundation of Scripture
    July 4, 2008, pp. 30–32

    To most of America’s founding fathers, the Bible was true from beginning to end, and it was the only source upon which to establish the new, independent nation.

  • Magazine Article
    An Examination of Error
    May 26, 2006, pp. 30–32

    What should one call it if pupils are taught something which is factually incorrect? Whose fault is it if pupils pick up factually incorrect information?

  • June 15, 2006, pp. 43–48

    The beauty of national parks and tourist attractions throughout Americca awes millions. Unfortunately, millions are also taken in by evolutionary teaching.

  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    Bird Flu
    May 16, 2006, pp. 49–51

    Is the bird flu evolving? The bird flu is changing, but not in the Darwinian sense that it will become something other than an influenza virus. It is not evidence that particles can turn into people.

  • Magazine Article
    If humans and dinosaurs lived together, why don’t we find human fossils with dinosaur fossils?
    Feb. 13, 2007, pp. 52–53

    If human bones aren't found buried with dinosaur bones, it simply means they weren't buried together

  • Magazine Article
    Developing a Biblical Worldview in Our Children
    Feb. 20, 2007, pp. 54–55

    A biblical worldview interprets the world from a biblical perspective.Our worldview influences our understanding of God, morality, history and even ourselves.

  • Magazine Article
    How Life Began—A Textbook Recipe
    Jan. 8, 2007, pp. 54–55

    Did you know that most public-school biology textbooks continue to use content that has long since been disproven?They help further the evolutionary viewpoint that says life arose from nonlife.

  • Magazine Article
    Creationists Get Equipped
    May 4, 2006, pp. 54–55

    Creation College 2 (CC2) is a week-long event featuring over 20 highly qualified speakers and designed to equip attendees to speak and write effectively on creation and biblical authority.

  • Magazine Article
    Evolution in Christian Organizations
    Feb. 26, 2007, pp. 55–56

    The idea of evolution is a faith-based teaching that has infiltrated even the most reputable of Christian colleges, ministries and organizations.

  • Magazine Article
    Evangelism—From a Coffee Table?
    May 7, 2007, pp. 56–57

    Have you ever thought that your coffee table could be used as an evangelism tool?By simply keeping a few creation books on their coffee table, they minister to visitors.

  • Magazine Article
    Creation Evangelism and the Great Commission
    April 23, 2007, pp. 56–57

    Did you know that an increasing number of missions organizations, including New Tribes Mission, are using creation evangelism to reach pagan cultures with the gospel? They start with Genesis.

  • Magazine Article
    A Tip on Tips
    March 19, 2007, pp. 56–57

    When a maid was cleaning the hotel room in which the staff member was staying, she discovered a tip tucked into an AiG brochure,a unique way of using creation evangelism.

  • May 8, 2006, pp. 56–57

    Vacation Bible School programs often attract neighborhood children and are unique avenues to reach families with the gospel, starting with Genesis.

  • Magazine Article
    The Legacy of a Creation Evangelist
    May 14, 2007, pp. 57–58

    Pastor Brian Pennell, a retired chemical engineer and nuclear physicist, reinforced the truth that Genesis is the foundation of Christian doctrine and that evolution is not a proven scientific fact.

  • Magazine Article
    Genesis of a Legacy
    June 17, 2006, pp. 58–60

    We all knew “the call” was coming and prepared ourselves as best we could. Dad had been sick off and on for some time, and this time we knew that he would not be getting better.

  • Magazine Article
    To Be a Pilgrim
    May 22, 2007, pp. 62–63

    Pilgrim’s Progress tells the allegorical story of Christian, a pilgrim who journeys through life enduring suffering, temptations and setbacks on his way to the Celestial City

  • Magazine Article
    Theistic Evolution and the Future of Humans
    May 8, 2006, pp. 64–65

    According to Lord Bertram Russell if human beings do not kill each other through wars, they will probably die of starvation or disease.

  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    The Fallacies of Radioactive Dating of Rocks
    June 28, 2006, pp. 66–69

    Deep in the eastern Grand Canyon, Arizona, is a stacked sequence of “ancient” basalt lava flows known by geologists as the Cardenas Basalt.

  • Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 70–71

    How do you communicate thegospel to a culture that no longerbelieves the Bible becausethey have been taught that it is full oferror?

  • Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 73–74

    For many, the supernatural events recorded in the Bible seem too impossible to be true.To defend the Bible, some people have gone hunting for scientific explanations.

  • Magazine Article
    Taking Back Astronomy
    Sept. 19, 2006, pp. 74–75

    Most astronomy textbooks teach that our universe was formed in a big bang billions of years ago.

  • Magazine Article
    Creation Road Trip Games
    June 9, 2006

    Do you or your children get weary over the long miles of travel while heading to your favorite vacation spots?

  • Magazine Article
    The Da Vinci Code … the Movie, the Myth and What To Do about It
    May 20, 2006

    The Da Vinci Code will impact thousands, if not millions, of viewers. The church cannot afford to retreat in the face of Satan’s onslaught for the minds and hearts of people, especially our youth.

  • Magazine Article
    The Story Behind the Story—the Fighting Dinosaurs Photo
    May 2, 2006

    What do you do when your publication needs to secure the rights to an important photograph and your request gets denied—not just once, but by everyone who owns a copy?

  • Magazine Article
    Questionnaire for Christian Institutions
    May 2, 2006

    Use these questions to find out what certain Christian organizations believe about the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.

  • Magazine Article
    Resources for Developing a Biblical Worldview
    May 2, 2006

    Resources for developing a biblical worldview.

  • Magazine Article
    Creation Road Trip: More Destinations
    May 2, 2006

    If you’re planning an outing to one of these locations, be sure to read the following biblical explanations of how catastrophic processes formed these amazing sights during Noah’s Flood.




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