Migrant Native Americans

on December 1, 2007

AFP: “Gene Study Suggests Native Americans Came from Siberia A new genetic study conducted at the University of Michigan “bolsters claims that Native Americans are descended from one migrant group that crossed a lost land link from modern Siberia to Alaska,” reports Agence France-Presse.

The single-group hypothesis contrasts others that speculate that a wave of migrant groups traveled from Asia to the “New World.” The study looked at genes from indigenous North and South Americans as well as from two Siberian groups. A unique genetic variant was found throughout the American groups and has only been found elsewhere in eastern Siberia.

The results of this study are perfectly in line with the migration that occurred after the dispersion at Babel.

Geneticist and team member Noah Rosenberg explained the significance: “If there were a large number of migrations, and most of the source groups didn’t have the variant, then we would not see the widespread presence of the mutation in the Americas.”

Additionally, the study uncovered increasing genetic diversity in individuals farther from what is now the Bering Strait, where the single migrant group presumably crossed. Such increasing diversity is exactly what the single-group hypothesis predicts, unlike the multiple-group idea. The single-group migration is also considered to have happened much more recently.

The results of this study are perfectly in line with the migration that occurred after the dispersion at Babel (after the Flood). As people groups spread out across Asia and into Africa and Europe, a population traversed a landbridge connecting Siberia to North America (a landbridge since submerged in the Bering Strait). From there, the group populated the continent and diversified both genetically and culturally.

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