Jurassic Park III

Seven Reasons Not to See JPIII

on July 19, 2001

Three Jurassic Park films with the same ‘menacing-raptors-chasing-scared-people’ theme have definitely run their course.

Jurassic Park II CreationWise
  1. A silly and contrived plot (featuring: “talking” Velociraptor dinosaurs who possess “social intelligence,” and even the ability to set traps for unsuspecting humans; people yelling for each other in the jungle as they try to avoid detection by the raptors—in this movie, the dinosaurs are smarter than the people).
  2. Poor cinematography (a rather dark and poorly lit film—even in its daylight scenes); the dinosaur special effects, however, are quite good.
  3. Very scary and violent—dinosaurs graphically munch on people as if they were pretzels. Several scenes which would give young children nightmares.
  4. Evolutionary content (e.g. dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago in evolutionary history; the movie’s raptors are said to have an “evolutionary advantage” because they could speak to each other; there is a reference to Darwinism, etc.)
  5. The movie is produced by Universal Studios, the same film company that gave the world the blasphemous movie “The Last Temptation of Christ”—many Christians, in fact, have been refusing to watch Universal movies since.
  6. $8.25 (US) a ticket! (and the movie is only about 85–90 minutes long, not the typical 100-plus minutes)
  7. Bad science—putting aside the bankrupt view of evolution presented in the film, it’s impossible to clone dinosaurs back to life anyway!

Three Jurassic Park films with the same “menacing-raptors-chasing-scared-people” theme have definitely run their course. It’s gotten to be quite boring—you won’t be held in rapt attention if you saw either of the previous films.1 Two claws down on this one.

For the answers to the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs from both the Bible and real science, go to our Get Answers section on dinosaurs.


  1. The last frames of the movie hint at a sequel—expect at least one more “dinosaurs-chasing-humans” film.


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