Zoos—Evolutionary Propaganda or Teaching Opportunity?

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Trips to the zoo are fun and educational. But, more and more, zoos are also venues that promote an evolutionary agenda.

In addition to the normal evolutionary signs around the parks, zoos are more deliberately promoting evolution. Recently, the London Zoo (UK) had a Homo sapiens exhibit to demonstrate that humans are really just primates; the St. Louis Zoo (US) had an exhibit on Darwin and evolution; and the Miami Metrozoo (US) had a display on dinosaur-to-bird evolution. And while you read this, zoo and museum guides across the country are being trained to defend evolution to their guests.

In spite of this agenda, zoos can be a wonderful opportunity to present the Creator to your children. The animal variety, from the peacock to the zebra, should be used to show God’s creativity. When you look at the giraffe, discuss the design features God gave the animal, such as its heart, tongue, and blood vessels. At the cat exhibit show how cats probably originated from the same cat kind after the global Flood, and at the monkey cage, point out the differences between man and animals. Be sure to mention that similarities show only how all things have a common Creator, not a common ancestor.

Zoos do not have to be places where you and your children are bombarded with evolutionary teaching. They should be places where everyone can enjoy God’s creation while learning more about the world’s Creator and Sustainer.

For more information about just one of God’s creatures, see Giraffes … animals that stand out in a crowd.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2006


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