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on ; last featured October 1, 2007
Textbook page

Biology: The Dynamics of Life, New York, McGraw-Hill, p. 402, 2006. (Click to enlarge)

Fact or fiction? Can a bone show change? According to the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life, it can. The textbook page shown on the left teaches that vestigial structures “show structural change over time.” This popular textbook is used throughout public schools in America, and it teaches this is an unquestioned fact. This one example demonstrates how vital it is for a Christian to read critically. A bone doesn’t “show change,” as the book states. A bone is a bone. Often, articles and books on evolution claim to present scientific fact, but in reality, they may only teach theory in place of fact. Train yourself and your children to critically examine everything you read, watch, or listen to. And be sure to hold everything up to the light of Scripture—our only sure source of truth.

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October – December 2006


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