Avoiding the “E Word”—Evolution

Marketing-savvy evolutionists have noticed that the word evolution has become such a loaded term today that it is turning off a large segment of the U.S. population. The teaching of an old earth is more of an attack on the authority of Scripture than perhaps evolution itself.

Darwinism Demands Atheism

The common claim that no conflict exists between modern neo-Darwinism and orthodox biblical Christianity is contradicted by the conclusions of many of the most eminent biologists living today. A clear, unbridgeable contradiction exists between Darwinism and theism.

Are You Evolutionized?

Answer these ten questions test whether or not your thinking has been influenced by evolutionary teachings of Darwinism.

Was Darwin Right?

There is no fossil evidence that one kind of creature has ever changed into a different kind—they have only produced variation within each kind. The first time a creature appears in the lowest rock layer it is fully formed and fully recognizable.

Articles About Darwinism


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