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October – December 2006


  • Magazine Department Article
    Publisher’s Pen
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 6–7

    Fall is a glorious season, especially for an Illinois boy like me!

  • Magazine Department Article
    Readers Respond
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 8–9

    The inaugural issue of Answers magazine was mailed in June. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and subscriptions are rapidly increasing. We praise God, and thank you for your support!

  • Oct. 15, 2007, pp. 10–13

    Fall may make us wonder, “Did Adam and Eve ever see such brilliant colors in the Garden of Eden?”

  • Feb. 12, 2009, pp. 20–22

    On February 12, 1809, in the modest town of Shrewsbury, England, Susannah Darwin gave birth to her now-famous son Charles in their family home called The Mount.

  • Sept. 19, 2006, pp. 24–26

    Many articles and books have been written in recent years on the subject of global warming—much of the information confusing.

  • Feb. 7, 2007, pp. 27–31

    Because so many beautiful specimens have been harvested from the Green River Formation, few realize that many of the fish remains are far from perfect.

  • Feb. 28, 2010, pp. 32–34

    From their nose to their feet, camels are perfectly suited to their desert environments.

  • Dec. 4, 2007, pp. 36–41

    As Christians, we don’t know whether to be sad, angry, or indifferent. The frustrating reality is that, for most in our culture today, secularism has almost fully obscured the roots of many holidays.

  • Magazine Article
    The United Kingdom Media Review
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 36–38

    Prior to joining AiG, the authors’ letters to newspapers and TV stations would be ignored whenever we would respond to various articles or programmes that dealt with the origins issue.

  • Magazine Article
    Training to Teach Truth
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 40–41

    In the UK there is a strange paradox—while people are enormously apathetic toward the Christian faith, at the same time they enthusiastically deride it.

  • Dec. 20, 2009, pp. 51–52

    In the book of Matthew it is recorded that the birth of Jesus was accompanied by an extraordinary celestial event: a star led the magi (the “wise men”) to Jesus.

  • Magazine Article
    Visiting the Family?
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 54–55

    I have a soft spot for Twycross Zoo. It is a favourite with my children and me, since it is only a 30-minute drive from our house in the west of Leicestershire.

  • Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 54–55

    The Bible is no longer widely accepted as the final authority in American culture. As a result, the Christmas season generates a multitude of questions from people who are confused ...

  • July 25, 2007, pp. 56–57

    The Bible connects two drastically different scenes to explain why God became man.

  • Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 58–59

    For many of us or for those we know, Anna’s situation is all too familiar. Celebrations of the holidays stir up wonderful memories that can sometimes bring emotional pain.

  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    Who Begat Whom?
    March 28, 2007, pp. 60–63
  • Magazine Article
    If human and chimp DNA are so similar, why are there so many physical and mental differences between them?
    Jan. 21, 2008, pp. 64–65

    Scientists have recently concluded that 96% of our genome is similar to that of the chimp. However, most people are unaware that this percent pertains to the regions of our DNA that result in proteins

  • Magazine Article
    Zoos—Evolutionary Propaganda or Teaching Opportunity?
    Oct. 22, 2007, pp. 66–67

    Trips to the zoo are fun and educational. But, more and more, zoos are also venues that promote an evolutionary agenda.

  • Magazine Article
    Learn to Read Critically
    Oct. 1, 2007, pp. 66–67

    Can a bone show change? It is vital for a Christian to read critically.

  • Magazine Article
    Vestigial Structures
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 66–67

    Almost every secular biology textbook today includes a section on vestigial structures—structures that are supposed remnants from ancestors that have lost their original function or capacity.

  • Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 67–68

    Nonbelievers regurlary question a Christian’s faith in their Creator and Redeemer. Being prepared to give an answer “for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15) takes preparation and careful study.

  • Magazine Article
    Translating Truth
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 68–69

    Missionaries have been taking the gospel to people around the world for many years. But there are still people who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Magazine Article
    Have Motor Home—Will Travel
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 68–69

    Bob and Jan Thompson

  • Magazine Article
    When the World Comes Knocking
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 68–69

    Mini chocolate bars, gummy bears, and the gospel? Yes, they can go together, especially on October 31 when children in costumes knock on your door.

  • Magazine Article
    Remembering the Creator—From Space
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 68–69

    As the world turned its attention to the heavens on December 24, 1968, the Apollo 8 crew turned their eyes to earth and their thoughts to the One who formed it.

  • Magazine Article
    Bringing the God of History and Science to the Philippines
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 69–70

    Can you help “put God back in the science curriculum?” This is exactly what Dr. Jerry Layton, a former science teacher, was asked to do.

  • Magazine Article
    Taking Back the Temples
    Sept. 25, 2006, pp. 70–72

    How did it happen? How did museums become the secular temples of our day?

  • Aug. 28, 2006, pp. 74–78

    The universe obeys certain rules—laws to which all things must adhere. These laws are precise, and many of them are mathematical in nature.

  • Magazine Article
    From Boyhood Geology to Ph.D.
    Nov. 26, 2007, pp. 80–81

    This article is based on a recent conversation between Ken Ham (president and CEO of Answers in Genesis) and Dr. Andrew Snelling.

  • Jan. 7, 2008, pp. 82–83

    Creationists are often asked, “How is it possible for the earth’s population to reach 6.5 billion people if the world is only about 6,000 years old and if there were just two humans in the beginning?”

  • Magazine Article
    Virgin Birth
    Dec. 20, 2010, pp. 85–86

    The deity of Jesus (the assertion that He is both God and man) is so vital to the gospel that, if not true, there is no hope for salvation.

  • Magazine Article
    The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 86–87

    the heavens declare the glory of God, Creation Museum, Stargazers Room

  • Magazine Article
    Evolution Exposed
    Sept. 5, 2006, pp. 90–91

    Biology is the study of life, and probably no other high-school subject discusses a more controversial topic.

  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    Fungal “family tree” identifies problems with evolution
    Dec. 13, 2006

    This research does little to support molecules-to-man evolution as a theory of origins. Since this type of research is historical in nature, the conclusions made by the authors are their guesses given their naturalistic worldview.

  • Magazine Article
    A Review of The Nativity Story
    Dec. 2, 2006
  • Semi-Technical Magazine Article
    From Ferrari to Model T: Is Reverse Evolution Possible?
    Oct. 18, 2006

    Question: If your brand new car breaks down and you take parts from an older car to fix it, is your new car closer to becoming a Model-T?

  • Magazine Article
    Creation Evangelism—From A to Z
    Sept. 19, 2006

    Creation evangelism, sharing the biblical account of creation, is not just for pastors and evangelists; it’s for everyone—old and young alike.

  • Magazine Article
    Chronology Conundrums
    Sept. 14, 2006

    Some have claimed that the Bible contradicts itself.

  • Magazine Article
    Interview with Andrew Snelling, Ph.D.
    Sept. 12, 2006

    Listen to Ken Ham as he interviews creationist geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling of the Institute for Creation Research.

  • Magazine Article
    Interview with Bill Jack
    Aug. 28, 2006

    Enjoy watching this interview with worldview expert Bill Jack.





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