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  • Book Chapter
    Counting Offspring

    If Jesus is God’s “only begotten Son,” then how can angels and Christians also be God’s sons?

  • Feedback Article
    A Life Sentence?
    Nov. 14, 2008 from Feedback

    In Genesis 6:3, did God erroneously say that he would limit humans to 120 years?

  • Book Chapter
    Seeds of Dissent

    Was Jesus wrong in Matthew 13:31–32 when He said that the mustard seed was the “least of all the seeds”?

  • Feedback Article
    We Heard You!
    Aug. 29, 2008 from Feedback

    You flooded us with email about our first-ever VBS, Amazon Expedition. Stacia McKeever, AiG-U.S., wants you to know that we heard you and to announce the VBS for 2009. Get ready to launch.

  • Feedback Article
    Should We Keep Them from Seeing?
    March 28, 2008 from Feedback

    Should we keep our children from being exposed to evolutionary ideas? Stacia McKeever, AiG–U.S., shows how we can use such opportunities to teach discernment.

  • Connecting the Bible to the Real World
    March 4, 2008

    With a biblical framework in place, we can teach our children how the Bible explains the world around us.

  • Truth without Direction
    Dec. 8, 2007

    Stacia McKeever reviews both the book and the movie, Golden Compass.

  • From a Young Age
    Nov. 5, 2007

    Although much more can be done, I praise the Lord that the number, quality, and variety of materials produced by creation-oriented ministries around the world continue to increase dramatically.

  • Chronology Conundrums
    Sept. 14, 2006

    Some have claimed that the Bible contradicts itself.

  • Seven C’s of History
    May 20, 2004

    Most people look at the Bible as a book that contains many interesting stories and theological teaching. While this is true, the Bible is so much more!

  • Creationists Need Bones
    Aug. 4, 2003

    Joe Taylor is the owner and curator of the Mt Blanco Fossil Museum and is known as one of the foremost fossil restorationists. Yet, Joe Taylor is also a creationist!

  • Creation Evangelism in Peru
    June 9, 2003

    Answers in Genesis is excited to hear how the Lord is raising up people all around the world, including Peru, to proclaim the message that God’s Word is true from the beginning.

  • Children Kids Magazine Article
    Answers For Kids: Dating Methods
    June 1, 2002, pp. 34–37

    It’s important that we allow God’s written record of history, the Bible, to guide our thinking about the past—this includes our understanding of the age of the Earth/universe and the fossils.

  • Children Kids Article
    Answers for Kids: How Old Is the Earth?
    March 1, 2002, pp. 33–36

    Many people say the Earth has been around for about 4.6 billion years. They believe humans appeared on Earth only within the last two million years. What's the truth?

  • After Eden Turns 100!
    Jan. 28, 2002

    For over two years, visitors to have enjoyed a laugh (and received biblically sound teaching) on Mondays when a new After Eden debuts.

  • So You Want to Be a “Creation Scientist”
    Jan. 24, 2002

    AiG receives numerous requests from students wanting to know how they can train to be “creation scientists.” We usually offer the following guidelines to these enquiring minds:

  • So, You’re Looking for a College . . .
    Jan. 4, 2002

    Whichever school and desired field of study you choose, keep in mind that the facts (or “evidence”) you hear about do not speak for themselves.

  • Children Kids Magazine Article
    Answers for Kids: Why Do We Believe Genesis 1:1?
    Dec. 1, 2001, pp. 32–35

    So, why do we believe that, according to Genesis 1, God created in six normal-length days?

  • Chemistry Teacher Resigns Amid Persecution
    Sept. 18, 2001

    Jefferson High School (in Indiana, USA) has a penchant for making the news.

  • AiG Now Ministers to Millions in the Far East!
    Sept. 10, 2001

    Answers in Genesis had been searching for some way to minister to the over one billion people who speak Chinese.

  • Children Kids Magazine Article
    Answers for Kids
    Sept. 1, 2001, pp. 26–29

    How Did We Get The Bible?

  • Limiting Exposure
    July 23, 2001

    Science standards for Pennsylvania schools that have been three years in the works were finally approved by the state Board of Education on 13 July, 2001, but not before generating much controversy.

  • AiG Staff and Books Work “Off the Clock”
    July 7, 2001

    Working at Answers in Genesis provides our staff with many opportunities for sharing the truth of God’s Word — both on the job and ‘off the clock.’


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