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  • Technical Research Paper
    Creation, Suffering and the Problem of Evil
    Dec. 1, 1996, pp. 391–404

    The problem of evil continues to be a supposed ‘safe haven’ for the skeptic. He believes that issue gives evidence to support his rebellious attitude toward God.

  • Technical Research Paper
    ‘Life’ According to the Bible, and the Scientific Evidence
    Aug. 1, 1992, pp. 98–121

    So one may observe that the definition of a nervous system must not be thought of in terms of its basic function (response to stimuli), but in terms of its makeup (specialized cells).

  • Technical Research Paper
    Creation’s Original Diet and the Changes at the Fall
    Aug. 1, 1991, pp. 130–138

    One must, in humble obedience, simply believe God at His word. God, through His Word, clearly shows that the original, created creatures were to eat only plants.

  • Technical Research Paper
    The Days of Creation: A Semantic Approach
    April 1, 1991, pp. 70–78

    By applying a semantic approach to Genesis 1 we can accurately understand the word ‘day' in the days of creation to mean 24 hour days.


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