Bible Genealogy

Gaps in Genesis Genealogies?

The evidence is strong that the Genesis genealogies are closed. God created Adam on Day Six, approximately 4,000 years before Christ. There does not seem to be any support for the notion that there are gaps in the Genesis genealogies.

Long Life in the Genealogies

Many people find it difficult to believe that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. For 1,500 years after creation, men lived such long lives that most were either contemporaries of the first man Adam, or personally knew someone who was!

The Word “Begat” in the Genealogies

Because so many Christians and Christian leaders have accepted the secular dates for the origin of man and the universe, they must convince people that the Bible’s genealogical records do not present an unbroken line of chronology.

Articles About Bible Genealogy


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