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Call and order your Kids Answers bulk subscription today and save over 60% off the newsstand price! Only $1.49 per issue per student.* (Normally $4.99 per issue.) Recommended for grades 2—5.

Many kid's magazines today push modern culture's anti-Christian worldview (including the normalization of homosexuality, abortion, and lawlessness). In contrast, our Kids Answers magazine affirms the Bible and teaches about creation!

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  • Flip through some pages of the new expanded Kids Answers.

Expanded Kids Answers features 32-pages of fun activities, fascinating animal facts, kid-friendly apologetics, and articles about God's fantastic creation.

But wait! Something extra exciting has “wandered” into Kids Answers. Meet the Wander family in our Wanders in Creation story series.

Kids Answers

Bulk Subscription Details

  • 10 subscription minimum (sent to one address)
  • $5.99 per 1-year subscription*
  • 1-year subscription mailed quarterly
  • $4 per quarter ($16 for the year) for shipping to one US address.

*Pricing rate based on a 1-year, 4-issue subscription term per student.

Call 1-800-778-3390 to order your Kids Answers bulk subscription.

The new 32-page Kids Answers normally costs $4.99 each issue, but one is included free with every subscription to the Answers in Genesis quarterly periodical Answers magazine. (Kids Answers is not available as an individual subscription. However bulk subscriptions are available by calling 1-800-778-3390.)

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