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The Wild Brothers

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Missionary Kid Life

The Wild Family

Do you know what foreign missionary life is like? Have you ever thought about living “off the grid”? How about changing cultures and trying crazy new foods? We know what it’s like—we are Christian missionary kids growing up in the jungle. We are the Wild brothers, and we want to show you our world.

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Life as Christian Missionaries

Find out more about our family’s heart for tribal missions as Mike Wild, dad to the Wild brothers, shares what led us to church planting among an unreached people group. Then read as Libby Wild shares her passion and vision for homeschooling the boys.

Tribal Missions
Homeschool Family

Our Family Blog

Growing up in a Pacific island jungle gives our family a first-hand view of God’s stunning creation. From breathtaking mountains to colorful birds and butterflies, there‘s always more to explore and discover! Of course, foreign missionary life is also full of challenges, hard work, and even some dangerous situations. Come along with us on the adventure!

  • July 2, 2015

    We started our collection in 2008 with butterflies. At that time we were living in a hamlet at about 5000 feet in elevation on the side of a beautiful mountain.

  • June 30, 2015

    There are days where nothing seems to go right. Then just when you need it, a little ray of hope comes shining your way.

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