Angry Atheists Display Intolerance of Christianity

by Ken Ham

A recent video featuring a number of very intolerant atheists (and some are hateful and angry) is a must watch for all Christians!

A recent video of an atheist chat session on the internet is a must watch for all Christians! Every pastor, Christian leader, homeschooler, teenager, Christian parent, and, in fact, all Christians need to see this video chat featuring a number of very intolerant atheists (and some are hateful and angry). In fact, watch it at your Bible study, youth group meeting, home group, home, and so on—you will hear for yourself some of the best practical illustrations of many passages of Scripture come to life, including Romans 1, 2 Peter 3, and many other passages of Scripture that refer to people who oppose Christians. This can be an excellent practical Bible study for you.

The atheist video is one of the best I’ve seen to illustrate atheists exhibiting the following traits:

  • Intolerance and arrogance
  • Hatred of biblical Christians
  • Hatred of the Bible
  • Ignorance
  • Wanting to control education and capture your kids’ hearts and minds
  • Extremism
  • Fighting against freedom of religion
  • Wanting to close down or limit biblical, Christian homeschooling
  • Seeking to control what private organizations teach
  • Desiring to control what you teach at home
  • Claim Christians are scientifically ignorant but are themselves scientifically inept
  • Sanctimoniously determining morality for themselves
  • Attempting to shape the culture according to their anti-God beliefs

This video session is also an excellent illustration of a generation of people in their thirties or thereabouts who have been brought up in a culture where the following had occurred:

  • Christianity had by and large already been removed from much of the public education system
  • Abortion was legal
  • Christian influence was already waning in the culture
  • Evolution on the whole was taught as fact in the public schools
  • Many churches had compromised with evolution
  • Most churches had not taught apologetics to defend the Christian faith against secularism, evolution, millions of years, etc.

This is the generation of those people who went to church but no longer attend, which is discussed in our book Already Gone. This book documents the mass exodus of young people from the church.

As you watch, you will notice that these atheists are very self-centered, arrogant, and self-righteous. In essence, they are acting as little gods (just as was recorded with the temptation in Genesis 3). They are so focused on themselves—and that what they believe is above question, and biblical Christians are totally wrong. Ironically they call their chat session “Home School Abuse by Creationists,” yet for all their concern about children, I understand they condone the killing of children by abortion.

In case you can’t set aside the two hours to watch this video (although we urge you to do so), we will include video excerpts in this article and also direct you to a 25-minute section of the video we suggest you should watch at the very least.

These atheists have discovered (the information can be found on the internet, just as with all our speaking engagements) that I will be speaking at a homeschool convention in Texas—the Texas Homeschool Coalition Convention, August 1–3.

Increasing Intolerance of Christianity

So these atheists have discovered that Ken Ham is speaking at a distinctively Christian homeschool convention, but they can’t allow that! These atheists found my upcoming appearance so shocking that they are now having meetings to decide what to do about it. It seems they are surprised to learn I of all people am speaking to parents and kids—and teaching the Bible and science—at a distinctively Christian conference. They act as if this is such an unbelievable situation. They appear to be saying, “How could this happen?” Of course, I’ve been a keynote speaker at dozens of homeschool conventions over the years, and apparently some atheists are just finding this out!

Actually, I believe this backlash is occurring during a time in American history that features a political climate that fosters increasing attacks on Christianity. Atheists have become much more aggressive against Christians, particularly this year. Consider controversies surrounding the IRS debacle in regard to some groups that are theologically conservative, the pushing of the homosexual agenda, etc. Anything that smacks of biblical morality or the Christian worldview is being aggressively attacked, even in the private arena (e.g., a small Christian school under assault in South Carolina).

Recently, an atheist helped to arrange it so that two atheist women would attend AiG’s Answers for Women conference undercover—and then write a scathing attack on AiG and the Creation Museum (not so surprising). Atheist blogs and YouTube videos are increasing in their attacks on AiG, on me personally, and on Christians in general.

Many atheists are so upset by the fact that I am speaking at this homeschool conference that they decided to hold a two-hour internet chat (that is now on YouTube). Apparently more meetings are being organized to deal with this “terrible problem” of Ken Ham speaking to parents and kids at a privately run homeschool conference in Texas.

Why Are These Atheists So Angry?

I have watched these two hours of intolerance, ignorance, sanctimony, and abuse by atheists, all in response to the fact they discovered I will be a keynote speaker at this homeschool convention. Here is my summary and paraphrase of the atheists’ arguments presented in the video:

What can we do to fight Ken Ham speaking at this homeschool convention? This shouldn’t be allowed. Ken Ham pushes biblical creation on kids and adults. We can’t have this. We need to protest. We will bus in atheists from other cities. We’ve already scouted out the best places to conduct the protest. We need to confront Ken Ham at the conference.

This situation is intolerable. How dare a Christian organization host Ken Ham? And look at this homeschool group—you can see what they are doing. Their three keynote speakers are Christians. They are obviously pushing Christianity at a homeschool convention. How dare they have Christian speakers at this convention? Who do they think they are?

Christian homeschooling parents are ignorant and illiterate. They can teach their religious junk at home, but when it comes to education, they can’t teach Ken Ham’s stuff to children—this can’t be allowed. We’ve got to stop this. We are angry—we are really angry.

To get a flavor of this two-hour video chat, I encourage you to at least watch the section from around 45 minutes to about the 1:10 mark. The utter intolerance that they display toward biblical Christians will probably shock you, but they really represent today’s increasingly secularized generation.

It’s probable that the featured atheists in this chat session are likely not using their real names. They call themselves Sister Lilandra, Sister Shayrah, Neeley Fluke, and Vic Wang. (Please see the note below to learn more about them, which will also help you understand why they are so antagonistic to biblical Christianity—and biblical creationists in particular.)

Revealing Their Ignorance and Intolerance

While these atheists call us scientifically illiterate, their ignorance of science is amazing to watch! For instance, Lilandra discusses each of the topics that I will give at the Texas conference, and in regard to my presentation on the origin of “races” and racism, she states the following:

[Ken Ham is] so averse to evolution that he thinks that there are no biological races, because any kind variation is anathema to him, because he would have to admit that species change over time … He says there is only one race but there’s two spiritual races.

Actually, the human genome project confirmed there is only one race. All the quotes I use in my talks to present the case that there is only one race of humans come from secular sources! This atheist woman doesn’t seem to understand that humans are classified as one species. And for the first 30 minutes of my anti-racism talk, I discuss the mechanism for speciation and the changes we see in animals in regard to genetic variability. She is frankly ignorant and confused, yet while she calls us scientifically incorrect, it’s her claims that are the scientifically illiterate ones! It’s quite an amazing thing to watch, which you can view here:

I must say, the most humorous part of the video was when Lilandra made the following statement:

I grew up not knowing my own biological origins and I could have died and never known the truth about it … I think that’s ridiculous because you’re an ape, you’re an animal, and to deny that is ridiculous. You’re still one anyways. And this is why this angers me, because they’re raising people to beget more ignorance. Some people think that they’ll find out the truth eventually, but if that’s the case, why are there so many politicians who fight for creationism in the classroom? And why do so many Christians take their children to see Ken Ham?

Think about it! She is saying that she could have died not knowing she was an evolved animal—an ape! I find it so sad that an atheist, who believes she’ll cease to exist one day, would be depressed at the prospect of dying not knowing she was an evolved animal.

Watch the video clip here:

Here is a video excerpt of the section where Vic Wang (vice president of the Humanist Association of Texas) discusses how the atheists are going to protest this Texas homeschool meeting:

Now watch this video clip to get an idea of these atheists’ intolerance of Christians teaching their children from a biblical perspective:

Share This Article with Homeschoolers and Christians Everywhere

I urge homeschoolers in Texas to spread this article throughout the homeschool movement in their state. In fact, I ask homeschoolers across America to distribute this article far and wide. Everyone needs to experience this video chat for themselves to get an understanding of the increasing intolerance and aggressiveness of many atheists against biblical Christianity.

We urge all Christians in Texas, not just homeschoolers, to attend this homeschool conference in the Houston area. And let’s get churches in Texas aware of this intolerance by atheists and publically get out the word, including alerting the Christian media. Pastors should speak out about the increasing intolerance of atheists to their congregations. In fact, these video excerpts should be used by pastors across this nation to warn their flocks about the growing intolerance being directed at Christians and then equip their people to stand against these secular attacks.

We have reached a point in America where a minority view like atheism is shaping how decisions are made in the culture, and America continues to move farther to the secular end of the spectrum. The minority is essentially dictating for the majority.

So, let’s use this video chat by atheists as a tool to offer some practical teaching about those people who oppose the Bible’s messages.

For more information on the Houston, Texas homeschool convention, go to this web page.

To watch the two-hour video chat (or to view my suggested 25-minute section beginning at the 45-minute mark), go to this YouTube video.

The Atheist Chat Participants

The Dallas, Texas, group that sponsored this video chat is called “The Nones.” They present what they state is “a secular podcast of women, by women, and for women!”

Three of the participants in this chat are in an internet talk show called the “Secular View,” which they describe as “an interweb talk show hosted by five atheist women discussing everything from sex and relationships to gaming and Doctor Who.” They also state, "The five amazing sex positive women of Secular View naturally discuss reproductive rights or keeping a separation between church and state.”

The Two Hosts

1. Sister Shayrah (i.e., Shayrah Akers) claims to have become an atheist in 2004 and was a former Christian blogger.

Her bio from a Secular Students website states, “She is also a pansexual, genderqueer LGBT and atheist activist, and the proud parent of a godless child.” She apparently lives in Dallas, Texas.

2. Sister Lilandra (also known as Lilandra Nelson) teaches primary and secondary education in Garland, Texas. The bio on her husband’s blog states, “She also contributes regularly on the topic of education to a major metropolitan southern newspaper that leans a bit to the right. This forum has allowed her to expand her sphere of influence ever so slightly into the realm of people who would not otherwise be exposed to progressive viewpoints.”

Lilandra’s husband is known on the internet as Aron Ra, a “YouTube atheist.” He has produced YouTube videos (“Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism” and “Falsifying Phylogeny”) that critique creationists. Aron Ra has been interviewed by creationists like Eric Hovind and had a radio “debate” with evangelist Ray Comfort last September.


1. Neeley Fluke (also known as Neeley Rebel Fluke and Neeley D. Whyte) is a secular homeschooling parent who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a member of a California atheist group.

2. Vic Wang lives in the Houston, Texas area. He is a member of the Houston Super Secret Science Club, Greater Houston Skeptic Society, Humanists of Houston (vice president), Houston Atheists Association (co-organizer), and Houston Oasis (vice president). The Houston Oasis is basically a church for atheists that meets Sunday morning and was started by a pastor who declared himself an atheist in 2012.


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