Why Does Creation Matter?

What Is Biblical Creation?

Creation was by the direct action of the Creator as opposed to some naturalistic process. Creation took place in the beginning and was finished and complete. Creation was not spread out over a major portion of the supposed evolutionary vast time history of the universe. Creation was by the word of the Creator.

Biblical Creation Divisive?

Believers can agree on one thing: our unity should be centered in Christ. We all desire unity; the question, however, is what kind of “unity” Christ really desires, and whether the foundational truth in Genesis is essential for Christian unity.

Does Young-Earth Creation Matter?

If Christians doubt what at first appears to be insignificant details of Scripture, then others may begin to look at the whole Bible differently, eventually doubting the central tenets of the Christian faith, namely the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus the historicity of Scripture is quite important.

Is the Gospel All That Matters?

Ultimately, the controversy about the age of the earth is a controversy about the authority of Scripture. If millions of years really happened, then the Bible is false and cannot speak with authority on any issue, even the Gospel.

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