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The Bible certainly makes it clear that God’s Holy Word is forever ‘settled in heaven’

It is rewritten! (by Ken Ham)

One of my favorite sayings at seminars goes as follows:

“Where would you rather put your faith and trust: in the words of fallible, sinful men who don’t know everything, who weren’t there, and whose theories change all the time—or the Word of the infallible God, who knows everything, has always been there, and whose Word changes not?”

The Bible certainly makes it clear that God’s Holy Word is forever “settled in heaven” (Psalm 119:89). Because the infallible Creator God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, this of course is what we would expect of God’s Word to us.

However, because human beings are fallible, sinful, and very limited in what they can know (e.g., “And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know” —1 Corinthians 8:2), we should always keep this in perspective when listening to the claims of scientists concerning life and its origins.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when it seems that evolutionists find new evidence almost daily that causes them to rewrite some aspect of evolutionary theory.

We shouldn’t be surprised when it seems that evolutionists find new evidence almost daily that causes them to rewrite some aspect of evolutionary theory.
I was thinking about this when I read an article recently about scientists finding evidence of the supposed first life on Earth that pushes back evolution another half a billion years. Once scientist said, It’s something that knocks your socks off about evolution. The newspaper article also stated, If later evidence confirms the early appearance of animals, biologists will be left puzzling over the shifting pace of evolution.

But when is the public going to wake up? If one kept a file of what is happening in evolutionary thought, it would be an almost endless stream of articles like this:

But in the past decade, new fossils and reanalysis of old ones have prompted researchers to rewrite this script [on human evolution];

If Viking One’s probe of Mars shows that life never has existed on the Red Planet, it could drastically change man’s theories of evolution and the origin of life on earthƒthe information pouring out in the genome sequences [of microbes] has so far proved more confusing than enlightening. Indeed, it threatens to overturn what researchers thought they already knew about how microbes evolve;

A tiny jawbone found in Australiaƒis allegedly around 115 million years old. However, placental mammals were not supposed to be in Australia until around five million years ago, by evolutionary reasoning.

It is incredible to see people putting their faith and trust in the ever shifting sands of evolutionary ideas rather than in the changeless Word of God. A good example of this can be seen in one of the letters sent to the Fiscal Court in Northern Kentucky in which the writer ardently opposed our Creation Museum project. He wrote:

While no reasonable person would argue that these folks have a perfect right to their beliefs, it is incomprehensible in a democracy that they should attempt to forbid the study of evolution. Creationists claim to have all the answers and direct their efforts into offering evidence that confirms their beliefs, unlike scientists who freely admit their information is incomplete and change hypotheses whenever new evidence is found.

Well, first, we don’t “forbid” the study of evolution—we actually encourage people to study it in detail (to see its problems)! The more they do this, they more they will see it is a blind faith! Interestingly, though, this writer wants to forbid the building of our Creation Museum to tell people that Creation is true.

And we don’t claim we have all the answers. But we do claim we know the one who does have all the answers: the Creator God. As this letter writer admits himself, man’s ideas change all the time.

The Word of God, however, declares many times, “it is written.”

Where do you put your faith and trust? In: “It is written” (God’s Word—beginning with Genesis) or, “It is rewritten” (man’s word—evolutionary ideas)?


Ken Ham

Wonderful comments on AiG’s recent ministry in Japan!

“I felt like the beam in my eyes were removed. I would like to subscribe to your Creation magazine.”

“I had a conviction the Bible was not the Word. Now I can live believing the Word as eternal truth, the Word of the Living God.”

“I pray that every Christian would acknowledge the importance of ‘starting our thinking from the Bible.’”

“AiG Japan has a good chance of making an impact on our churches and the entire population. Getting your message out depends on interesting, easy-to-understand materials. My goal is to encourage every member of our church to read (your materials) and to subscribe to Creation magazine.”

Prayer Points

  • that God’s hand will be clearly evident in AiG’s difficulty with county authorities in finding appropriate land for a museum and headquarters; the Planning Commission of Boone County is now opposing our current project (call ext. 360 for updates)
  • that things will go smoothly for the AiG office in England after its move to Leicester.
  • that the new AiG regional office in Adelaide, Australia will have an impact throughout the entire state of South Australia.
  • that Mr. Nao Hanada of AiG Japan will effectively follow up Carl Kerby’s speaking tour throughout Japan (reaching 1500 Christians recently), and that this outreach will be strategic in spreading the Creation/Gospel message to the people of Japan (see comments below).

Recruiting in L.A. 2001!

Early November of the year 2001 is already being set aside by Answers in Genesis for seminar ministry in and around Los Angeles. Because AiG has one meeting scheduled for Hemet, California in the large First Baptist Church on November 3, 2001, we would like to take advantage of the interest expressed by many of our supporters to the north (in both Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley) to conduct another seminar during the same time frame. A large church in the Valley has agreed to host the seminar if a number of AiG supporters can be found who are willing to do most of the volunteer work necessary to make this a God-honoring event.

If you are interested in being involved in this Valley/L.A. steering committee for a seminar in November of the year 2001, please contact Mark Looy at extension 402. We trust that with a meeting in Hemet and another in the Valley, people who live in Southern California will not have to drive very far to one of our faith-strengthening seminars—they will have the choice of attending seminars in two different Southern California venues.

Upcoming seminars

Vero Beach, FL
November 16-18
Wichita Falls, TX
December 4-5
Chambersburg, PA
January 22-23

Speakers" Calendar

*November 16-17**-18
Vero Beach, FL
First Church of God
1590 27th Avenue
(561) 562-2256
(Ham, Dr. Don Chittick,
Buddy Davis, CAW)

December 4**-5
Wichita Falls, TX
1000 5th St.
(940) 855-3980
(Ham, Dr. Russ Humphreys, Geoff
Stevens, Buddy Davis)

*January 22**-23
Chambersburg, PA
Open Door Church
600 Miller St.
(717) 264-4869
(Ham, Davis, Dr. Bryant Wood, ABR)

Additional upcoming meetings (please consult future newsletters for dates):

Australia/New Zealand (Parker)
*Atlanta, GA
*Springfield, MO
Joplin, MO
Clarion, PA
*Valparaiso, IN
*Hendersonville, TN


*Answers in Genesis regional seminar
**Free School Meetings (grades K-12) held on these days. Call local committee for details.
TBATo be announced
CAW Creation Adventure Workshop (ages 7-12)

Stewardship and Trust Services

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Do you have appreciated stocks or mutual funds? No doubt many of you do.

If you sell to preserve profits, you owe taxes. But, if you donate them to AiG and we sell, you get a tax deduction, plus the full amount goes toward spreading the Gospel and building up believers!

Call Paul Laude, CFP at ext. 302 for information.


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