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Curriculum Sets

This Elementary Anatomy: Nervous & Respiratory Systems (Teacher Guide) contains materials for use with the The Electrifying Nervous System and The Breathtaking Respiratory System for grades 3 - 6.

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The Principles of Mathematics Biblical Worldview Curriculum is a first of its kind. It takes math to a whole new level; one that students and parents love! This course goes way beyond the old Christian texts that teach math with a few Scriptures sprinkled in and maybe some church-based word problems. This course truly transforms the way students see math!

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This best-selling Wonders of Creation series answers important questions in exciting ways! These high-quality books have been developed for multi-level teaching, with special color-coding on three skill levels. Filled with full-color pictures and illustrations for the classroom, independent study, or homeschool settings.

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Behold Your God, led by John Snyder, focuses on God's self-revelation in the Bible, helping the believer to apply the descriptions of God to all of life. Use this student handbook as a supplement to the curriculum set Behold Your God.


Are we sure that the God we serve is the God described in Scripture? Is rethinking Him biblically really necessary? Behold Your God, led by John Snyder, focuses on God's self-revelation in the Bible, helping the believer to apply the descriptions of God to all of life.


This curriculum pack, based on John Bunyan’s classic allegory, will challenge you and your children and help build a love for the truth and authority of the Bible.

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Excite your children about America! This new “hands-on” American history curriculum is perfect for elementary and junior high. America from the Beginning starts at creation.

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Millions of Christians have decided that the Bible is out of date. They’ve decided that the words of Jesus aren’t always true. The Foundations reveals the alarming state of Christianity today.

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What is the biblical basis for child rearing? What are the roles of mom and dad? This special combo featuring Ken Ham and Steve Ham includes 5 DVDs, leaders guide, and 240 page book.

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The Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum combines three popular illustrated “kits” (Beginnings, Seven C’s of History, and Questions) into an all-in-one 30-lesson course designed to greatly strengthen the biblical foundations of children's lives.


This extremely popular curriculum gets your kids excited about the Bible! 34 lessons covering Genesis 1–11 make it ideal for ages 10–14 in Sunday Schools, Christian schools, and homeschools. This kit includes a big Teacher’s Guide (212 pages), plus Student Workbook (268 pages), and CD-ROM with additional teacher resources.

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Inspire your young people to go to the next level in their Christian walk! Equip them to live out their faith—at school and in all areas of life—with this cutting-edge series. Winner of Gold Crown Awards for “Best Youth Series” and “Best Curriculum”!

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This faith-defenders study series equips viewers to answer the big questions about the accuracy of the Bible. Apologetics made easy!

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