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One Race, One Blood DVD Curriculum

A Biblical Answer to Racism

Written by Dr. Dana Sneed; Featuring Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware
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  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2019
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In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the racism issue from a biblical perspective. Equip your group to experience the barrier-shattering power of the gospel message, beginning in Genesis with this 12-session, DVD-based small group Bible curriculum.

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A Biblical Answer to Racism with the Hope of the Gospel

Racial prejudice is easily stoked to red-hot levels in today’s culture, but it originates in the darkness of man’s fallen heart. Sadly, the underlying idea of evolution fuels racism more effectively than biased activists and articulate politicians.

In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the issue from a biblical perspective. When we start with the Bible, we find that there is only one race—the human race. One Race, One Blood Small Group Bible Curriculum will challenge your group to stand on the authority of God’s Word in every area and to engage the culture with biblically consistent perspectives.

This 12-week curriculum guides participants through a biblical journey to discover what God’s Word reveals about the unity and diversity of mankind. Each lesson includes a video component that teaches the main idea of the lesson, a student activity to engage intentionally with Scripture, and discussion questions that center on how a correct understanding of biblical truths impacts our approach to racial prejudice in our culture. Take-home assignments and a culminating action plan will inspire personal growth and biblical application.

You may consider spending two sessions on each lesson to maximize the effectiveness of your discussion and application time. Though set up for 12 sessions, this curriculum could easily be expanded to cover 24 session.

This curriculum includes:

  • Leader Guide — Scripted lessons equip group leaders to facilitate meaningful discussion, assist participants in active Bible study, and reinforce main teaching ideas. Each lesson includes an overview, lesson objectives, and when necessary, detailed preparation instructions.
  • Student Guide — With ample space for taking notes, the student guide will become a valuable resource for participants long after this study has ended. As students engage with media resources, guided Bible study activities, group discussions, and take-home challenges, this guide will become a record of their life-changing journey.
  • DVD Lessons — Five dynamic speakers, in half-hour video segments, lead you through a biblical foundation that culminates in a call to action, equipping you to address the issue of racial prejudice with the hope of the gospel.
    1. Unity of Humanity: Part 1 (Pavel Urruchi, video 21:38)
    2. Unity of Humanity: Part 2 (Pavel Urruchi, video 18:49)
    3. Tower of Babel: Part 1 (Bodie Hodge, video 29:25)
    4. Tower of Babel: Part 2 (Bodie Hodge, video 29:54)
    5. Diversity of Humanity (David Chakranarayan, video 27:49)
    6. a. Check This Out: The Origin of Races (animated text, video 3:38)
      b. Not Sure? Just Ask! (Roger Patterson, audio 9:05)
    7. Babel and the Gospel (David Chakranarayan, video 34:45)
    8. The Gospel and Cultural Context (Ken Ham, video 22:21)
    9. Grace Relations: Dream: Part 1 (Dr. Charles Ware, video 27:40)
    10. Grace Relations: Dream: Part 2 (Dr. Charles Ware, video 26:48)
    11. Grace Relations: Biblical Assessment: Part 1 (Dr. Charles Ware, video 27:52)
    12. Grace Relations: Biblical Assessment: Part 2 (Dr. Charles Ware, video 30:11)
  • Promotional Materials — Two pre-printed posters (17" x 22") and digital access to pre-formatted materials allow you to customize your promotional efforts to encourage your congregation and community to participate in this impactful Bible study.

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Ken Ham

Ken Ham

Ken Ham is the Founder CEO of Answers in Genesis and its two popular attractions: the acclaimed Creation Museum and the internationally known Ark Encounter, which features a life-size 510-foot-long Noah’s Ark—sometimes described as the “8th Wonder of the Modern World.” Each year, the two attractions host over 1.5 million guests.

A much-in-demand Christian speaker and interview guest, Ham became well known throughout America for his 2014 evolution/creation debate with Bill Nye, TV’s “The Science Guy.”

Ham hosts the daily radio program Answers, now on 1,000 stations. He’s also the founder of the award-winning Answers magazine. In 2020, Ham launched Answers TV, an ambitious streaming service. His website of AnswersInGenesis.org has twice won the top award from the National Religious Broadcasters for best website.

A prolific blogger and author of more than 30 books, Ham’s newest releases are Divided Nation (about today’s culture wars) and the devotional commentary Creation to Babel.

Ken and his wife Mally have 5 children and 18 grandchildren and reside in Northern Kentucky.

Read more about Ken below.

Dr. Charles Ware

Dr. Dana Sneed

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